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The Best Selling Books of 2010


2010 was a great year for readers of many genres; there were great fiction books as well as a number of high profile autobiographies covering many iconic people that the public have been waiting with baited breath to discover more about. Other book types such as cookery and recipe books also saw a large increase in sales as people begin to think more about what they eat and want to try new and diverse meals, possibly even tying in with any New Year’s resolutions they may have to eat more healthily.

2010 was a big year for many celebrities’ memoirs and autobiographies, two of the leading figures in global politics George W. Bush and Tony Blair both released their memoirs and have helped to divulge what it really is like being a world leader under pressure. Both their fans and detractors have picked up their books to find out more about what makes them tick. Other cultural icons such as Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards have released revealing books, with his describing a long life as a rock and roll icon.

In fiction there have been many new bestsellers such as Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy books which have recently been made in to films. The latest Harry Potter film based on the last book in the series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) has prompted many to buy the books to discover details that didn’t make it in to the films or even find out what happens in the second part of The Deathly Hallows!

Cookery books in 2010 seemed to have changed as more and more celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Nigella Lawson publish their favourite recipes but the change seems to have been that they are now producing recipes that take only a short time to prepare and cook. Possibly prompted by the current trend that many of us don’t have time to cook extravagant meals, these books help to provide us with quick meal ideas that are healthy and can be made in a hurry.

Buying books of any sort has never been easier, with online book shops you can browse a wide range of virtual bookshelves and even see other reader’s reviews to get an idea of what to expect and whether the book will be right for you.  

As more and more books come out many people believe that if 2010 is anything to go by then book readers are certainly in for a treat during 2011.

By John Trodey

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