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Enjoy the review of the original xbox and it’s controller design. The original xbox is underrated and it’s not really talked about now but I personally like the console and I did this review to help spread the good word of the original xbox.

by TVGP / vgp ( the video game prophet )

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  1. which by the way – i have over 100 games for xbox 1 best system last gen besides gc gba

  2. Every time I want to get a game that came out in the 6th generation for Xbox,PS2,Gamecube,and PC. I always get the Xbox version. Because the controller kicks***!!!

  3. original xbox dont have RROD like the 360 so to me the original xbox is more powerful

  4. do you guys know this console has 10gb while the others as ps2 has the shity memory card with 256mgb and

  5. ok sorry but this is a horrible review of the original Xbox you say that same thing over and over. do you not know anything about it?

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  9. It doesn't support hdmi but you can use component cables and most games will support 480p.

  10. @Thevideogameprophet the new xbox is gonna came out it's xbox one. It will come out in November 21, 2013 it's gonna 500 dollars in United States

  11. Good review. My Xbox is in a closet somewhere. I think I will pull it out, hook it up to my TV, and rediscover it all over again. I have a lot of games for it.

  12. At least the 4 controller ports are intact, like the Dreamcast, N64, Bally Astrocade and the ill-fated Atari 5200 before it.

  13. I have the original Xbox since Christmas 2004, but it stopped working in June 2016 so I ended up getting another one off ebay in July 2016.

    It is a fantastic system and I began buying games for it again since October 2015 to show the console more love and appreciation thanks to Xenon Xyanide's Original Xbox retrospective video.

    The best part about it, is the custom soundtrack support.

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