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The Birth Of A Nation – Movie Review


The story of Nat Turner comes to life in an average slave era film. Here’s my review of “The Birth Of A Nation”!

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  1. I love the part when Jeremy said the movie was going to be shown in high school, because no joke,I literally saw this movie with my class the very next week.

  2. Like the original it's inaccurate and designed to ignite race hate from the ignorant.

  3. Bible documents God killing children. Whites kill many black , children alligator babies was like50 years ago

  4. A flaw in the movie? Children in houses? Do you know what happened to slave children? They can't show that in just one movie but we all know what happened to them. And Armie Hammer is his friend? Before or after him owning him? Before or after him whipping him?

  5. This is not just a movie it shows another side of the story. What the average person doesnโ€™t know is that there were many slave revolts. This movie really hit a nerve with the powers that be, no one mentioned the rape allegations when Nate Parker was in The Great Debaters etc. But now heโ€™s a rapist.

  6. Who wants to see dead children? People knew he killed children, that's why white historians argue that Nat Turner was a sociopath, not a hero.

  7. Dude its 12 years of effing slavery….. Sheesh white folks never get shit right ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. If this movies didnโ€™t reveal truth to you all who the Children of Israel are are mind is dead

  9. This was not a mindless kill fest. This movie wasnโ€™t about feeding animalistic desires. It was made to create thought.


  11. Those who are familiar with the actual history know that a number of children werr in fact killed, ine one case even a baby.

  12. The movie was great the good old eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth children and women in all. Any one who thought it was wrong is an idiot and in denial. Let a race of people kill you and family generation after generation and I will see who will accept an apology and not seek revenge ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚.

  13. 10 years a slave, huh? Try downplaying it white man, TRY.

    This is a joke. Do not get triggered about me getting offended.

  14. white people dont wont black people to watch this because they dont wont black people to know the truth and hate the shit out of us

  15. My favorite part is how the boy who ran away during the revolt gets a chance to redeem himself in the civil war.

  16. They did kill chidren. The slave master used the children of the slaves, young as new borns as bait to catch gators. So yeah, those slaves killed the slave owners along with the women and children with extreme brutality. Eye for an eye, life for a life I guess.

  17. I think the movie had a lot of great shots one that stood out to me was the slow motion of a white girl leading her slave by a noose like a dog leash it felt like that moment carried a lot of weight

  18. Harriet movie just made 12 million and they say it was a great success. Nate's movie cost half as much to make and still doubled it's profits yet they say birth of a Nation flopped. go figure.

  19. i dont agree with this review. I loved the movie. Nat Turner was very much needed and im glad that nate parker produced it.

  20. one more thing…. Nat Turner was and is a HERO! Every slave master deserved death period.

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