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The Brazen Bride – A Review


"He was startlingly heartbreakingly breathtakingly beautiful." Linnet knew the minute she looked at this fallen warrior that he would surely disturb her peace of mind and capture her heart. Washed ashore on a beach, Logan finds himself without his memory at the mercy of a beautiful hostess who tempts and blackmails him into teaching her "bedroom lessons."

Like all Stephanie Laurens' novels, The Brazen Bride has a proud independent female protagonist with a strong, brave hero who is so very handsome. The third book of the Black Cobra Series, The Brazen Bride is a regency novel that centers on an ex-officer of the Crown, who has to deliver an important document to Dalziel, a parchment that could help destroy the cult of the Black Cobra.

One stormy night after a bloody fight with the cultists, who want to kill him and take the letter, Logan is washed ashore on Guernsey, which to all accounts is "ruled" by the heroine. The story then goes on to describe how Logan gets his memory back and finally remembers that he has to deliver the letter as fast as possible. Linnet offers to take Logan to Plymouth on her ship, from where he could continue with his journey. Slow till now, the story then plunges into fast action, with ship fights (if they can be called that) to sword fights with every turn of the page. Of course, in every step of the way, our heroine helps her fallen angel.

This third novel of the Black Cobra Series is indeed action packed, with the action in the first half limited to the bedroom (not always!) And the battles with the cult assassins in the second half. On the whole, I would call this a really good read !!

By Sharons Smith

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