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The Circle – Movie Review


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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Circle, starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Patton Oswalt, Bill Paxton, Karen Gillan, Ellar Coltrane. Directed by James Ponsoldt.

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  1. Well I’m definitely not gonna be watching this film. Thanks Chris. 😃✌🏽

  2. This film seems like it was going for one kinda message and then test audiences didn't like that so they rewrote the story resolution into a nearly totally inert, superficially gratifying but subtextually nihilistic bent… or is it the other way around? Regardless, this was clearly not a movie aiming at subtlety and from what I understand the book isn't either. What you have a private company subverting government and natural rights in the name of…??? the film doesn't know why. That is the problem. It doesn't get to the ethics of the different character motivations very well and instead you get what looks like plot devices wandering their way blindly through a film that doesn't know what it wants to be. Many of the characters do and say such idiotic things at different turns it is astounding. I don't get the sense I'm watching human beings, or even avatars, rather just boxes of gears trying to advance the plot and narrative in contrived ways.

  3. I wasn't a fan. The trailer, the premise just WOW!!! I was SOOO excited for this and it fell on its face. Overall it felt shallow and it just barely scratched the service. It had SOOOOO much potential.

  4. I'm late to the party and haven't posted the video yet, but I also did a review of the Circle and I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the ending and conflict resolution (lack there of) so underdone

  5. Don't you think the toilet scene was a creative choice they used to mimmick a Skype or video call? Idk, I thought it was great until the 2nd act. Then it went weird.

  6. Google?! More likely its apple espcial they way tom hanks goes on stage and the whole "happening" stuff is presented and apple has some cultist behavior and semantics but also google and co. have

  7. This movie is not badly made. It was made to serve its purpose: to prepare people to an idea of a brave new world

  8. I feel like the way you described the movie overall also describes the book; it was weirdly written, the pacing is off, the main characters are unlikable, and the ending is sort of 'so what?' I couldn't believe the book was so well received, I thought for sure it was written by a 1st time novelist but that's not the case either; so WTF happened? Why is this story so strangely/poorly told? Seems like the movie has similar problems, never bothered to see it since I didn't care for the book.

  9. I didn't understand this movie at all, at the end it just ended. It was like it just cut off.

  10. I can't watch this movie because I read the book and loved it, I recommended it left and right

  11. Tried to make a better "The Truman" show? Yep. Won't work.

    P.S. Dear anyone writing,

    Just stop turning characters into ideologies or an alter ego of yourself and you'll make a good script.. Also without Re-Hashing, gender/race swapping, adding some B.S. commentary to "Speak to todays audience", or relying on full blown nesotalgia or loud noise with sudden flashes. Ya know, originality.

    Just hire the right people to make the new star wars. God, you and athe Critical Drinker should do an episode.

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