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The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) | Movie Review


I hope you enjoyed my review of The Diary of a Teenage Girl! Let me know what you think in the comments, and check out my blog and social media links below 🙂



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  1. I really want to see this now! You had me sold at Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skaarsgard. Yes please 😀
    Beyond that, I love these kinds of movies, even if they do make me feel a little weird. Thanks for reviewing this, we were looking for something to see this weekend! Although, Jordan is pretty set on seeing Straight Outta Compton. Did you see that? or plan to?

  2. This just came to my theater, might see it if I have time. Great review as always Marianna!

  3. I really did like it, theres a bedroom scene that just hit me just because of how raw it was… And then the ending was fitting. Also the comedy in it really made me laugh and seemed to counteract the obvious inappropriateness of everything. Really good film.

  4. I saw the trailer and it looked very nice. However, it is playing no where near me at all!

  5. I LOVE your movie reviews. You always speak about movies I have never heard of or would usually never watch. It's so interesting. Thank you for giving me a new movie to watch and all your opinions and recommendations 🙂

  6. Question for you – what software do you use to make your thumbnail (how do you crop/paste your pic unto the graphic of the movie, etc.)? Thanks!

  7. Very positive review
    Not familiar with the graphic but likely to seek that out
    I generally will watch an independent film and like to be challenged, interested or entertained by something different
    Will definitely catch this – 70's San Fran a definite draw

    Cool post

  8. I wanted to see the movie, but I was not interested in the plot of the movie. While the idea of a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, I don't like how they tried making the whole affair with her mom's boyfriend thing…normal. The author said it's "normal" and it grossed me out.

  9. Nice review! I think you captured the film well. My daughter Abby Wait plays Gretel and she was thrilled to be part of this important film.

  10. I just finished the movie.Wow!!! amazing film. I love it and Bel Fowley is going to have a long career ahead of her. She's truly captivating.

  11. this is a amazing story how sexuality in a broken family fuck up a teenage girl mind.
    it's super uncomfortable because theirs no actual villain..

  12. I thought it started out well but I lost interest for the last hour. It's a very well made film with all the little animation pop ups and such.

  13. I finally watched this movie. Very cringy at times but overall a great film. I'm actually thinking Bel Powley should have been nominated for a Oscar for best actress. Never seen Joy but is JLaw better than this performance?

  14. I actually want to see this movie now. You're review made the movie look interesting. I'll definitely check it out

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