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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Review (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC)


“You don’t wanna do that again” We’ll see about that!

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  1. Hey, I got $110 and I am thinking about purchasing this game. I love Skyrim but I want to play this game because I never got to. Is Oblivion worth the money and should I go out and buy it?

  2. Should I get this game i've never played it before but i've played the hell out of skyrim would I enjoy it

  3. This guy just said "guns equal fun" but yet you won't show any gameplay with a bow, witch is why I play oblivion…

  4. I think you like games with auto lock or auto attack wow you obviously lack skill if you cant manually aim or attack i do just fine with manually aiming and rather manual attack than auto coz it takes skill to kill someone up close and personal . Guns are fun ? Lmao guns are just a cowards tool for those who have no skill in combat

  5. I can see where you come from in this review in terms of both sides. Personally I'd say its my favourite game and has been for the past 6 years though I can understand why such parts of the game would be an issue. I will say however, the story was quite interesting at some points and there were added dlc packs, though I'm sure you've played those, though maybe not I dunno. All good review, I know I'm posting this a good while after release but good to see it receiving praise.

  6. Love this review, really enjoyed watching especially since I was on the fence of going back and playing oblivion after playing skyrim for years and this made it clear what was good and bad about the game

  7. I hated all TES games until Skyrim.
    My 1st Bethesda game was FO3 and thought Morrowind and Oblivion would've been like it when people recommended it to me saying I would like them a billion times more if I liked FO3.
    Hated it.
    Procrastinated to get Skyrim seeing as I hated the other TES games… Kinda cool in a way though as I did get the Legendary version for $20 and liked every second of the way.

  8. Have you heard the tale of Mathew Bellamont? Kill a boy's mother, and vengeance festers in the son.

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