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The Engagement Ring Handbook Review


Because a purchase of this kind is a very momentous occasion, I wanted to review an awesome little guide. So here's my The Engagement Ring Handbook review.

This book was written for the guys as an excellent guide to getting that perfect ring. Because, you have to have just the right one for that special event that you've been planning. You want to see her eyes melt when she sets her eyes on the rock. You want it to be just right and oh so wonderful! But at the same time, your logic kicks in and tells you to make sure you are getting your money's worth in whatever you decide to purchase.

But when you get to the store, all those choices seem almost mind boggling. Isn't that right? And when you start off by stating that you want to find something under a certain amount, they start you off in that range and then gradually keep showing you more and more sparkly diamonds in higher and higher price ranges. After a while, you start getting dizzy from seeing all those stars and your brain is about melted out of frustration at not knowing how to pick the one that will set her heart on fire.

When I came across the Engagement Ring Handbook, I immediately thought what a great idea! This makes going into the store that much easier. You'll know exactly what to ask for and what to look for. You'll know the language terms they use and you can confidently walk in and walk out with the one!

Diamond grading and quality and price? Not to worry! It's all in the cheat sheet you can take with you and refer to.

And you'll get ideas for how to find out what she wants without ruining your surprise!

By Amy Yang

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