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The Evolution of the Harry Potter Movies (Full Series Critical Review)


While Harry Potter is a series that may appeal to children, this video specifically is not, and covers the series from a perspective and style that is not “made for kids.” As such, this video is accurately labeled “Not for kids” under the COPPA act.

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– NerdWriter’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hZ_ZyzCO24
– Christopher Columbus interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paFAlWDvw-M&t=1295s
– Alfonso Cuaron interview taken from the special edition DVD of Prisoner of Azkaban.
– Mike Newell interview courtesy of SnitchSeeker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5haU6KLes&t=6s
– Half-Blood Prince deleted scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9By0u8CoV0
– Details throughout the video were obtained from the behind-the-scenes book entitled Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey.
– A video of the snowy filter I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSKv3vYx0vE (Costs $5.00 USD)
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    Table of Contents:
    0:00 – Introduction
    3:12 – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
    13:20 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    21:00 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    40:43 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    1:07:08 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    1:31:13 – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    1:57:17 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
    2:34:16 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    2:56:34 – Conclusion

    I did not mention this in the video, but the primary audience for this critique are people who are familiar with both the books and the films. People who have only seen the films will hopefully get a lot out of it too, but there are a couple of sections of the video that may confuse them because I don’t completely contextualize the book aspects I’m referring to. This is pretty rare though and overall I do make the video approachable for film-only people as I explain things from the book very often. Also, I misspoke in the DHII section and said that George died, but it was actually Fred.

    I am aware that there are some inconsistencies with the audio in this video and I apologize for that. The production process for this was long and arduous for a number of reasons (I started working on this in June of 2018), and that has resulted in it not being as totally technically polished as it could be. In the beginning I say that it has been seven years since DHII came out, when it’s actually been eight at the present.. which tells you how long I’ve been trying to get this out, lol. Despite that, I think it’s pretty well put together for a 3-hour video and I’m very happy with this passion project overall. I hope you enjoy.

    Sources for this video are linked in the description.

  2. More angry hairy in order of the Phoenix would be good,
    With the newfound oppressive authority of the ministry paired with his trauma and essentially being gaslighted about it by almost everyone, he really should be haveing outbursts paired with guilt following them as he misdirects his anger and all this contributing to his feeling a need to isolate not just for himself but out of a desire to not hurt others, this would tie in so well with his fear that he’s become bad and allow him to truely sink into despair and be vulnerable to Voldemort.

    The first two movies were good but flat, 3 was perfect I think, 4 bloated, 5 flat trying to make up for 4 but ending up really dull in the first 2 acts as the emotions are all there is but they don’t explore them enough leaning you nothing,
    6 was great less on story but as a movie great to watch, 7 tried and failed to create good tension, it was irritating to watch and again failed to find what was relevant and hold on and the lack of music for dramatic effect only makes it feel unfinished.
    8 is good on characters but bloated in the battle scenes which in part is just a problem with the story from the book to, a big battle at hogwarts just doesn’t feel like the sort of end a series like this should have it feels emotionally manipulative just being like look now EVERYTHING is bad, like okay, you could also have earth destroyed by a meteor but it wouldn’t be satisfying just cuz it’s sad that everyone died, the writing itself lacked subtly in that choice and that’s jk Rowling’s fault so I can’t blame the movie to much but it simply lack the Harry Potter identity

  3. You are sooo brilliant! I enjoyed this so much! Thank you! I would love to just spend one moment in your brain. Just wow!

  4. Films are pretty good fun. The books ended up kinda being a mess. And even more so with Rowling's after the fact "editing"

  5. Yeah, goblet is awful. Man the movies except first 3. Arent aging well

    Would have loved seeing 3rd movie guy do them all

  6. Alan Rickman…
    1 of the finest actor characterizations in film history as Severus Snape.

  7. OMG, IVE watched this video 3 times and never saw the book rankings. I was already in love with your analysis but worried, because so many people shit on order of the Phoenix as a book.

    I'm 28, so I was lucky to have read first 4 books before movies even started. Order in my opinion gets shit on for a few reasons

    1. Longest wait in between books made people antsy.
    2. Longest book, let's face it we're not all super fans, so many critiques at their voice
    3. J.k rowling and everyone else and the bandwagon effect

    OotP, is amazing! Dumbledore versus Voldemort, pragmatic evils relatable like umbridge, government corruption. Dumbledore's army, which brought Neville to his own and why he was who he was with battle at hogwarts, st. Mungos hospital, goldery lockard and the longbottoms, Sirius death, battle at ministry with death eaters!

    Also, please review more outside anime. I can see your analysis techniques be far reaching to many audiences

  8. Very nice in articulating what I always felt was a bit off about the 4th movie into words. I can completely see why its priority as some sort of quasi-thriller was certainly not to its benefit

  9. I think the progressive elements like familiarity with Hogwarts is a reflection of the progression of human development and necessity for plot. Also I though that magic was illegal to use by minors without parental permission… which is why he got away with it bc his muggle family wouldn’t report him and he always did it in their presence. Goblet of Fire really felt as fragmented and thriller-ish as Harry probably felt with so much drama and secrets and it all coming to a head. It was very teen angst that was needed to balance he dark and light out in the plot. As well I thought that the inconsistencies of the characters was due to the fact they’d been spending so much time around Harry, who was a horcrux, meaning that over the years they began to break down like his aunt and uncle. Hormones and the radiation like effects of Harry don’t mix bro… which is clearly portrayed.

  10. Despite not liking the character snape (yes despite the fact that he’s good and brave) Alan Rickman gives me chills every time he’s on camera. He was absolutely incredible and I don’t think anyone could ever portray him better. I think the fact that people either like him or don’t like him is a testament to that! His cool and crule behaviour outweighs his inevitable bravery and long lasting love for me however I don’t think any of us would disagree that he was an impeccable actor and despite having scenes that had potential to be extremely cringy if not executed well there was not a moment when he was at all cringy and he is just incredible! Rest in peace to such an incredibly talented and kind man

  11. It deeply hurts my soul to hear one negative word about chamber of secrets because it is the only film out of the whole series that is higher that 8 out of ten(it is obviously a ten). But I admire your patience to do a 3 hour video on Harry potter.

  12. Gary oldman is the best. I really loved him in every film he's been in, but he made me love Sirius more than I maybe should have. Wonderful actor

  13. Alfonso was the best director, made the best film, and gave us Gary Oldman. Wish he would have stayed for the rest of the film's

  14. I'm kind of happy that you also don't like Goblet of Fire as well.

    I think the problems that Deathly Hallows brought out with the whole series stems from JK not explaining importance of aspects later on. Even she's admitted to the fact on more than one occasion.

  15. Okay but let’s please all acknowledge and hard work and time writing the script for this video would’ve taken.

  16. So this is a small thing that I don’t think many people noticed but in the scene where the trio is running through the courtyard during the battle of Hogwarts they come across each of their greatest fears (Hermione-giants, Ron-spiders, Harry-dementors) and I feel like that symbolized their growth from kids to brave adults.

  17. I disagree with you with Goblet of Fire needing two parts. If you take out the Quidditch World Cup, (20mins) because they took out the important bits, the Yule Ball (30mins) as well as a lot of the cheesy comedy, you're looking at roughly an extra hour to add other important things, some them told through different scenes potentially.

  18. Please do more of these ❤️ this was probably the most entertaining thing i’ve watched on youtube.

  19. The fact that I have not read the books, not even seen all the movies AND I STILL WATCHED THE 3 HOURS. I was never confused through out your video, I was so immerse from the get go, and things got worse when you got to prisoner of Azkaban since its mi favorite from the franchise AND I COULD NOT STOP. Now I'm pissed because you made me want to read the books from the franchise I was never into.

  20. Great analysis, but I strongly disagree with one part.

    I have always felt that the "Nice one, James!" comment from Sirius was him getting caught up in an intense moment of combat and responding as he would've when fighting alongside James in the previous war. It is a compliment of the highest esteem for Harry to hear that as he strives to live up to the heroics of his parents (regardless of whether his father was a always a good man). The fact that it comes up instinctively from Sirius just shows how highly he thinks of Harry and that he acknowledges how much he has grown into a man.

    Honestly, it is probably my favorite little moment in the entirety of the series alongside Sirius' wink to Harry when he says he want to join the fight against Voldemort earlier in the movie. Gary Oldman truly brings so much depth and nuance to that character. No one else could've played him so perfectly!

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