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The Fighter Within Review (Kinect Xbox One Review and Gameplay)


This is a review with picture in picture gameplay of The Fighter Within which is a launch game for Xbox One that uses the Kinect exclusively (you can use the controller for menus if you wish though). It honestly isn’t that bad, considering most people say it’s the worst game on Xbox One, I suspect that they haven’t played it for more than a minute if at all.

There is surprisingly a lot of depth to the game and counters to avoid spamming. It is a lot of fun to play two player and is a decent workout/party game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story mode is pretty weak and there aren’t a lot of modes outside of arcade, vs, and the weak story/tutorial. However if you take it for what it is, it’s not that bad.

Each character has various attacks/specialties and can do various combos so it does matter which character you pick. The controls are pretty responsive and the reason why you hear people say that they are not is because input is blocked during a scripted “special move” or when you are stunned (you can block at least). Outside of that once you learn the gestures and how to interact with the environment, it’s pretty fun and fighting against another human opponent (no Xbox Live sadly) can be a test of your wits.

It’s not bad at all, it won’t take the thrown of fighting games from Killer Instinct on Xbox One by any stretch but taken as it is, it’s fairly fun.

I wish it had more modes, online multiplayer, and a calorie counter (the devs say it’s there but I can’t find it). I also wish that it didn’t have super moves and instead was true 1:1 the entire time so that it didn’t have the cutscenes but I suspect it was built to have those so you could have a break and make it feel like a more traditional fighting game.

It could have been really great, but instead turned out OK. Most reviewers didn’t even give it a chance and because of the Kinect bias they wrote it off immediately. It’s better than Wii U Sports Club’s boxing (but not better than The Fight Lights Out or boxing in Sports Champions 2) but it’s a decent motion fighting game. A huge jump from the previous title “Fighters Uncaged” for the original Kinect.

Give the game a shot, it’s about $10 now online and you’ll find it’s not that bad. Considering there aren’t a lot of XB1 Kinect titles, it may be the best right now (arguable against Kinect Sports Rivals or Just Dance 2014).

I give it a 6 out of 10 (again I use the full scale) it definitely is crazy to think people say it’s horrible. It’s not perfect by any stretch but the controls are responsive, it has a lot of hidden depth, and is a fun game to pick up and play for some quick exercise.

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