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The Foreigner – Movie Review



Chris Stuckmann reviews The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan. Directed by Martin Campbell.

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  1. I watched The Foreigner last night and I really enjoyed it. Imagine a great political thriller with one of Jackie Chan’s superbly-staged action sequences every 20 minutes or so. Yes, it’s not a typical Chan film in any way. But he gives a fantastic performance as a grieving father who is forced to fall back on his particular skill set to get to the truth. And he is almost upstaged by Pierce Brosnan, who gives here what I can only describe as the performance of his career.

    Sure, there is a lot of dialogue in this film, but like the action sequences it’s gritty and realistic. As a result this is a very stark, sometimes brutal take on terrorism, and the measures that are taken to combat it. Undoubtedly some will find its themes close to the bone; at one point there is a London bus bombing that has strong echoes of 7/7.

    At its heart however, this is a movie about family; how it can be lost, and how it can be corrupted. With strong performances and a decent plot, The Foreigner is well worth seeing. 8/10.

  2. The Movie was okay! Outside of chan, i could've careless about all the characters in the movie. It was Just full of pointless scenes/subplots, forgettable and uninteresting dialogue and characters.

  3. NO white actor could EVER match the amount of passion and emotion he puts in this movie and makes a viewer feel. He made this movie what it is without a doubt especially when he’s hugging his dead daughter

  4. I know you don't want to just focus on Jackie Chan but even if you dont review it see Little Big Soldier! It's phenomenal! Would love a review too of course! =)

  5. I feel that Jackie Chans role was squeezed in a political thriller. You could have edited him out in the movie and it would be roughly the same movie but without awesome action sequences

  6. Please review the Mask of Zorro Chris! One of the very best action/adventure flicks going

  7. I don't care what anybody says but Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan were great in this moviie. I enjoy watching Jackie as a regular man in this movie, and not the heavy action heroe. I believe he is under rated as an actor too. Pierce Brosnan has always been an awesome actor. I like him a lot better than Craig in the role of James Bond, and to top it all; this director takes the cake. I love all the movies he has directed. I give this movie a 90 out of 100. I would also like to add that I like Brosnan portraying an Irish man. Jackie caught me off guard but I enjoyed his performance very much.

  8. I was kind of expecting something like "collateral damage" with Schwarzenegger, or Taken. – a vengeful killing machine movie. But I was in for something different, and boy did I enjoy it!
    It was like going for hamburgers and getting a nice juicy steak.
    I wish the trailer made the movie justice, but in a way, I understand the marketing decision of selling it as a Jackie Chan movie. But you get way more than that. I highly recommend it.

  9. I loved this movie! I also absolutely agree that Jackie Chan is an underrated actor. He really can act, which is saying something for an action star. Unfortunately some of his more serious movies are marketed HORRIBLY! This one was GREAT!

  10. just jackie chan living in the forest for a whole month just so he can found out some names…lol

  11. I'm just saying if you know anything on the Irish Terrorist group the IRA, they are extremely political and that's what there Terror is based off of. And to have a movie with the IRA in it is pretty fuckin hardcore and you'd have "have" to have political shit in it. Just saying. Watch a IRA documentary and see what it's about lol.

  12. They hire a 30 year old and age her down to a teen. They hire a 40 year old and age her up to 50. smh

  13. Last year I hung out with my friend. I wanted to watch this, she wanted to watch something else (don't remember what movie). She said this movie looked boring. I followed her choice. Then, I watched this movie online. I regreted listening to her taste in movies.

  14. The only people this guy hurts or even scares are terrorist directly linked to his daughter's murder. The IRA murder children and any other soft target they can because of a chip their parents out on their shoulders. He's nothing like them.

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