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The Great Wall (2017) Movie Review


Matt Damon battles monsters in ancient China in this fantasy epic.

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  1. lol, you expect a deep relationship of a couple who just meet few days? and comparing it to a fighting brother

  2. I see many comments criticising ign giving this movie such a low rating. I will not take advice from anyone but I'll rent this movie and decide for myself if I like it or not if i do I'll probably buy it even if the whole world hates it.

  3. Is IGN full of autistic producers? This is hands down the best movie I've ever seen from the acrobatic Deer Corps to the Eagle archers from the action to the setting. Watch it and you'll think the same way

  4. These Critics. They gave this movie a low rating. The HELL. It was action packed. Mysterious. History and Sci Fi.
    Great character combination. Truly a Masterpiece.

  5. Try harder, chickety China! You own our studios.. So do what you do best.. Copy our films.. That's how yoo make gweat moovee

  6. the scale is awsome, the battle is quiet entertainment to watch, the story need a little bit improve thought, should add more detail between the female gernal and William. I rate 7/10

  7. I love the movie, I've watched it 3times in 4days, it's great. I found it funny at times and very entertaining, there was chemistry but you must first understand protocol within the Chinese culture. will there be a sequel

  8. Just finished watching the movie… are you sure we even watched the same flick?

  9. Why are you guys watching IGN? The movie was pretty fickig good. Go watch Cinemasins instead do not support this piece of sht IGN youtube channel.

  10. I'd give the movie a slightly better score (maybe 7/10?). Personally I felt as though the action sequences were great throughout, nor was the ending anticlimactic. I also feel as though the CGI was pretty good (though I say this often enough that I probably have a lower standard (AKA not expecting it to look exactly like real life)). The bungee jumping spear girls did feel all for show and the chemistry between William and the General was a bit off, but I also feel as though they were not attempting to make that the focus. I felt like instead of it being romantic, she was inadvertently guiding him to become something he secretly longed for. My biggest problem with the film was the creatures two weaknesses. Spoilers (duh)! Their first weakness was aim for their eyes, which to me felt like old school video games where you hit the glowing red spot on the boss. The second was that entering proximity of a magnet totally shut them down. I get that it made them lose connection with their queen, but does that really mean they have no autonomy at all? The queen single-handedly controlled each individual in that massive army? Though it had it's flaws, I still found the movie enjoyable, but not great.

  11. Don't create a stupid review without even understanding the movie! For your information, the true goal of this movie was never simply just creating an action movie, but instead to transcend the culture and traditions of China. However, I guess people have different interests, so I do not expect everyone to like it. But just so you know, the true value of this movie is of the culture and art within. Don't misinterpret something you don not understand.

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