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Ah, yes, Steven Seagal. For anyone who loves to watch action movies, his best period in the genre would be the 80’s and early 90’s with films such as “Above the Law”, “Hard to Kill”, “Out to Justice”, and “Under Siege 1 and 2”. These films were the most success of his career and as of now has grossed 923 million dollars around the world and has define his characters as “The Action Hero”. So one day while browsing around my local Blockbuster video, I just so happen to stumble upon his latest direct to DVD film, “The Keeper”, staring and produced by Seagal. Its directed by Keoni Waxman and written by Paul A. Birkett.

As with anyone who is curious, I picked it up and checked it out. The plot involves retired L.A. cop Rolland Sallinger (Seagal) who is off the force after a criminal bust gone bad by his traitor partner, Johnson (Brian Keith Gamble) that nearly left him for dead. Rolland is then contacted by an old friend, Conner Wells (Steph DuVall) who asks him to come to New Mexico to take on the job of a bodyguard for his daughter. (Liezl Carstens) But when a deadly mob lord Jason Cross (Luce Rain) kidnaps Conner daughter, Rolland will do whatever he takes to get her bad and bring the mobster to justice.

Fans of Seagal earlier films will immediately recognize off the bat that it’s his film with his use of martial arts in his scenes, quick speed burst with the camera, and the strong presence of bringing the villain to justice through unconventional means that only the action hero can best perform. However the pacing of the story seems to be off. Another aspect of the film is the use of montage which for some scenes seem to run longer than needed. One scene from where he is recovering from his injuries we go back to forth with Rolland practicing his knife throwing skills with a thatch board and then him taking his medication, then back to his knife throwing and back to his medication and so on. While this signifies Rolland perseverance in recovering and getting back to the force, this could have been shorten a bit.

Seagal performance in his film was good as the usual action hero and detective, but as for the rest of the cast, there performance were mainly over the top and at times, were trying to hard. Cross and his henchmen were acting too much like 80’s villain with their motives and the last two thirds of the film just seems to be your typical wild west plot.

And on an unrelated note to the review, upon first looking at the box cover, it bears a complete copy to the art cover of the film, “Taken”. Overall, if your an Steven Seagal fan or a hardcore action film junkie, then give this one a watch. If your looking for a something with a little more substance plot and acting wise, you might want to put in Taken or any classic James Bond film.

Final Verdict: 2 stars out of 5.

By M Tek

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