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The Knot Vs WeddingWire Review – What a FAQ


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  1. Fantastic review. Thanks for your input. Weddingwire just reached out to me. Haven't had the phone conversation yet. I've always been a word of mouth guy myself. That's always worked pretty well an it has shown growth for me. Not sure I even want to pay a premium for the advertising. What do you think? What was your ROI like for the knot and weddingwire?

  2. Weddingwire is a rip off. They customize your entire store front basically making you appear like every other vendors in your category.. Customers do not visit your store front if you are not advertised on the 1st and 2nd pages. Weddingwire charged me $114.16 monthly for as a professional vendor and locked me in a non-cancellation contract where I am obligated to pay for 12 months, and I find horrible because I have not signed any form of documentation upon agreement. The rep that I spoke to made it seem as if I can pay month to month but never verbally started I can not cancel. If that was mentioned I would have never agreed to partner with them.

    I been on Weddingwire for 3 months so far and only retrieved 3 message from Spam Customers which I highly believe Weddingwire staff has sent out to appear as if they are bringing real customers and traffic to my store front. ( BTW, none of the email senders have responded back when I did reply with my detail information regarding the services I do provide) It's a waste of time and a money grabber for Weddingwire to profit on. Also, I heard that The Knot was bought out by Weddingwire so even if someone decides go to The Knot, its the same reps/ and owner.

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