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The London Edition Hotel Review: Where to Stay in The UK with Points


I’m Brian Kelly and this is my life being The Points Guy! Finding points hotels in the UK can be tricky! One of my go-to spots is The London Edition.
In this week’s episode of “Being The Points Guy,” Brian reviews the swanky London Edition Hotel.

Edition hotels, generally, are known for being high-end, high-fashion and pretty high-priced places to stay during your travels. The London Edition is no exception to that rule — as a category 7 hotel in the Marriott Bonvoy program, I ended up doling out 60,000 Marriott points a night for a Deluxe Room. That’s equivalent to $480 at our current points valuations, but cheaper than the $700 cash rate.

That being said, with the Michelin star restaurant in the lobby and an undeniably “cool vibe” throughout, the London Edition still ranks pretty high for TPG. Just try not to book at the same time as any internationally-famous boy bands. Or do, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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  1. Brian, Great hotel review. Have not been to London since 2010. Stayed at The Stafford. I will be travelling back in 2020. Thanks

  2. Brian, my wife and I recently stayed in London at the Marriott Canary Wharf and was really impressed with hotel from check in to the lounge, gym, food and location to the DLR. We actually had a reservation at the Edition, but when Marriott revamped their point system, Marriott basically did not honor our reservation and when we called, we basically were told, oh well. The good news is that allowed us to find the Marriott Canary Wharf hotel and would stay there again in a heart beat, however, my question to you is what is your opinion on the point value since Marriott took over SPG and have you engaged Marriott’s customer service since the revamp of their system?

  3. Short and sweet report Brian, just the way I like them. Well, maybe there are some exceptions to that rule.

  4. Have stayed at the London Edition 3 or 4 times, and LOVED it…until this last stay in December 2018 (and probably the last)…We booked to arrive one day early so that we could go straight to our room upon arrival from US, and while not expecting any 'upgrade' (as Lifetime Titanium/Annual Ambassador Marriott Bonvoy members), we were shown to the smallest possible room that reeked of smoke, and when asked about an alternative, we were told that nothing else was currently available. We couldn't sleep so we headed out and were told that our belongings would be moved to another room by the time we returned. Unfortunately, we didn't take all of our valuables with us (ie cash Euros – which we wouldn't need in London) and upon returning, discovered 200 of 500 euros were missing from our luggage. And only after speaking with the management, who involved the security team, that something 'sketchy' about the front desk staff, doormen and security teams became apparent…they all seemed a little 'rough' around the edges and working an angle and not that concerned about guest satisfaction (despite assurances that they would follow up with us about their investigation, we never heard anything further from the hotel). I'm not sure if there had been a recent management change, but the whole experience turned us off (which was a huge disappointment as I really enjoy their hidden speakeasy Punch room, lobby bar and Berner's Tavern). I'm glad you had a better experience, but fortunately for us, London is not short on quality hotel options.

  5. Brian Kelly!!! You are the man. Thank you for always sharing your adventures. I live vicariously through you. I love seeing there you are going next. Thank you again🙏 and keep up the great work.

  6. You gotta try DUKES London. Amazing hotel bookable with 25K Hyatt points. It’s in a great location very close to Buckingham Palace. Hard to beat it.

  7. II stayed with the Crowne Plaza in London it was a great stay. I would like to recommend to you Brian. On your next stay in Dubai , I strongly recommend the Crowne Plaza in the Deira district of Dubai (Crowne Plaza Deira) . Loved this video by the way.

  8. Great video Brian👍
    Please use your influence and get Amex to please please please give us a better deal on the UK Platinum and Gold cards..🙏🙏 the points earning on those cards are soooo poor, so bad .
    They are even using "The points Guy" to pitch their new locations in London now, but they won't give us better points earning cards..
    When i look at my monthly Amex bill, i just feel Amex doesn't care about UK card holders…😔

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