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The Most (and Least) Loved Cars | Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports asked the owners of 350,000 cars whether they’d buy their vehicles again. Here are seven they swooned over and three they’d like to break up with. Let us know how you feel about your car or truck. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for additional reviews, tips, and recommendations.
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  1. I have a 1990 Honda Civic LX Sedan, and I love that thing to death! Despite it having no cupholders, and no Air Con, it has 216k miles, averages about 28 mi/gal., and it's still going strong.

  2. Bought a damn Chevrolet Cruze 2011, 7.4 lt/100km my ass, i never reach less then 8.8, got 3 recalls, i sold it after 2 years and now i have a 2014 CX-5 mazda 2.5L, good suv 4×4  7.8L/100km,  my blood sugar was high when i bought the Cruze, grrr

  3. Love my 2009 Azera. It doesn't look so outdated even thought it's 5 years old. It is still quite and smooth. Plus, it never made any trouble. All I spent money for Azera is fuel, tax, insurance, and few minor things (Things like engine oil)

  4. It's worth noting that the Tesla Model S85D now substantially out accelerates the primitive Corvette 🙂

  5. Give me a Challenger again.. a nice SRT with a 6spd Tremec… screw the Mustang I don't need another MT82 headache again. 

  6. How about love hate with the dealership. If it wasn't for the iffy service from Ford I might enjoy my 2012 Focus more and not wonder if they will ever fix the Transmission Issues after apparently not doing enough testing of the German Dual Clutch Tranny in the 2012 Focus models. Will see if they will change out my Clutch Packs with the 2013 Revised Edition to fix issues. Not to mention vibration in park or stopped at a light, sometimes to the point sounds like the Engine is going to stall on me. Which the dealer Mechanic says "Didn't feel anything", I guess he didn't sit in it for longer then a few seconds to see that is SHAKES in the drivers seat every 5 seconds, more now that is has 8,000 miles on it. Should have kept my 02 Civic, better gas mileage and it was SOO quiet even running with 110,000 Miles on it.

  7. When Elon Musk says that the Tesla owners might BUY the car but Tesla still OWNS the car, they might think again.

  8. Wow.  Tesla huh?  Hope it's big enough to hold all my belongings because if I buy one I'll definitely be living in it.  

  9. 2002 Ford Crown Victoria, and I would buy it in a heart beat….155k miles and no major work other than routine maintenance plus it's like driving your couch…

  10. I love my two GM vehicles (1995 Buick Regal sedan and 2009 Chevrolet Equinox CUV), since they have given me excellent rides with little servicing (all covered by factory warranty). My Regal passed its yearly body and emission inspection easily, proving the quality of its 231 CI (3.8 L) V6 engine as one of the best ever, even after twenty years!

  11. Love my Lexus GS350 F-sport. Great reliability and great service at the dealership. Love it so much, I got another one last month. Probably would get another one in a couple years.

  12. Car I would buy a gain: VW GTI (fast, agile, practical, nice interior). Car I would not buy again: Volvo S60 (turbo lag, not very agile, electrical problems they tried to fix 4 times but couldn't, overrated safety features relative to modern cars that just leave you with really annoying super heavy doors)

  13. Mostly wealthy people subscribe to Consumer Reports (and they are the ones that get questioned on how they feel about their car). I am not surprised that Tesla is the most "loved" car. They should say:" out of the 350,000 CR subscribers we've interviewed, Tesla owners loved their car the most". Pick 350,000 non-CR subscribers and watch the numbers again. Also, they should be fair and weight the numbers appropriately. They should have said something like: "we've interviewed 350 Tesla owners" and "we've interviewed 15,000 Jeep Compass owners". The viewer would then appreciate that 98% out of 350 is nothing compared to 43% out of 15,000.

  14. I recently got a 2014 Mazda3 2.5 Grand Touring. The price is was a bit high for a car in this class (~$30k) but there are features in this car that just aren't available ANYWHERE else in the compact car segment. Which is exactly what I wanted – a small, zippy, feature rich car with excellent gas mileage and fun handling. I went from a 2004 BMW 330ci that cost me nearly $70 to fill up with premium gas and would go about 350 miles on a tank, to a car that just recently cost me only $24 to fill up and will go just under 400 miles on that tank! Granted gas has dropped about $.50/gal since I had my BMW, but still that is a huge difference! I couldn't be happier, no major complaints at all!

  15. Although I'm not in the market for one, I've been keeping my eye on the Subaru Forester. It seems like quite a gem and if you can do without the upgraded infotainment and driver assist systems or the much desired turbo model it seems like it can be had for very decent $$'s. 

  16. My VW Passat was unreliable and as I could best describe it possessed. Dealer and manufacturer support was nonexistent. I felt it was dangerous due to stalling without warning increasing the likelihood of an accident.

  17. I would never buy a Toyota sienna again . what a piece of junk . Worse than my dodge caravans . Toyota repainted it , all parts inside of cab are breaking , seat belt broken, glove box broken ,arm rest broken ,seat stuck in place can't be removed , now steering column problems Toyota has had many of and they say I'm on my own . terrible vehicle terrible service …oh one more thing , Toyota replaced both from seats also …junk ! most hated vehicle ever

  18. I'd love to know if there is any testing of the Model S in extreme cold areas of the country. All batteries suffer performance drop in the cold. What is the milleage on a charge when it is -30 C?

  19. Mazda 6 is a ford fusion made by japanese people. They did a good job and they really are low cost maintenance but you absolutely have to do the scheduled maintenance and regular oil changes cause of the vvt on engine. Mine is balls slow but handles better than any other cheap car i have ever driven. Oh and be gentle on the interior, its crap. But all things i dont care about. It works and very easy predictable driving car.

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