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The Mummy (2017) Movie Review


Is it horror? Is it action? Is it a Marvel wannabe? Here’s our initial reaction of this bizarre first chapter of Universal’s monster reboots, from the company that originally invented the “shared universe” back in the 40s with “Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.”

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  1. Remakes arent bad. They dont ruin the originals or obscure it for new audiences. If the originals were as great as you say, their legacy will live on. Its ok to make a remake. Just make sure its good. That it doesnt make the original look bad. A remake that stands close to the original but isnt looked down upon for not being as good. Just look at Shin Godzilla. An amazing somewhat reboot of the original but in its own right that will get newer audiences into the franchise and into the amazing original. The reality is, regardless of how many remakes. They will continue to make new innovative originals. Does the newer generation even know of Flash Gordon series or The Dark Crystal movie? No. Because its not brought up or remade fresh for newer viewers. You dont talk about something again, it vanishes into obscurity.

  2. I think this movie was great. I think people were just jumping on the bandwagon saying its terrible because the critics did. Youtubers followed suit and did the same. I think it was great and reminded me of the brenden fraiser mummy movies. Im bummed theyre not making them anymore….hopefully blumhouse kills it with the invisible man

  3. Bring back the universal and hammer mummy when the mummy kicks ass AND is a human, not a CGI computer image.

  4. The problem is the mummy tried to force sequels unto us, instead of making a good movie and letting us decide we want more. Also i read Tom Cruise micro managed the hell out of post preduction

  5. The only good thing about this movie is the stunning chick who plays the mummy. She's gorgeous.

  6. February 14, 2019 has just passed. That Bride of Frankenstein movie sure was great!/s It's kinda funny watching reviews of movies like this way later, knowing the goals they had in mind not coming to fruition.

  7. I haven't heard anything about that other Dark Universe movie

    Also, I totally agree with James, we need the monsters to come back in some way

  8. The Hollow Man with kevin bacon was kinda well done and cool. Not a masterpiece, but cool.

  9. Van Helsing was a very underrated movie. If it had been released a few years later if would have done much better.

    Nearly a perfect Universal Monsters Movie, I honestly wouldn't mind a re-tooled remake of Van Helsing at some point. It could have easily led to a whole cinematic universe.

  10. This movie was horrible. Why did they put Dr Jekyll in it? When that part happened i was like: wtf? What a dumb ass idea. Absolutely shit movie.

  11. what i cant fathom is that they tried this new universe effort after the mummy.van helsing the big monster rally and the wolfman came out and van helsing was even part of the same tattooed monster hunting cult /protector group that rick in the mummy was nicked from indy and the grail! the wolfman and van helsing were flops very expensive flops so the universe was rejected why did they think this mish mash would bring em flooding in?

  12. If they were going to do something like this they should have just done what they did with Hallow Man.
    Just make the same film pretty much but in modern times (Not only does that give it a new twist just from the setting but it also makes characters actions different due to their modern elements just like with Hallow Man)

    Imagine Frankenstein Creating a Monster in a Modern Day Lab. Giant Tesla Machine with electricity Flying around and All kinds of new and modern stuff.

    Make it R Rated (Let me see Frankenstein Sew the Monster together in gory detail) And if you try to do something over the top epic (Like a glass tsunami going through a town like the Mummy 2017 did) CUT PEOPLE UP! Make it gruesome.

    I just handed them a movie series right there.
    Its Modern Day (Which can drastically change things Due to Modern Tech)
    Hard R Content (So its definitely has something different now without argument)
    You are pretty much copying the same story. (The Books/Movies have a good story lasting till today so That can't be messed up)

    Just add new things and make it modern for modern audiences. Then when you get into films with Fighting (Like Frankenstein Meets the WolfMan) Extend the fights by a decent Margin so you can have some Freddy vs Jason Level action…..

    And Finally get somebody that is good with that kind of Material to Direct (Like Tim Burton did for Sleepy Hollow)

  13. I knew this movie would be bad when the villain was the most generic "she's sexy but also badass and evil and kicks your ass" female villain in the world

  14. Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man is one of the top 10 best casting of all time just because he's a big time actor and we'll won't see him for the whole movie

  15. I honestly enjoyed this movie. It's no where near as good as the original or the Fraser films. But I thought it was a fun and entertaining movie.

  16. If they would keep it in the Horror genre and stop remaking them as action films they would be better.

  17. They should have made it darker. A horror and adventure movie series where they crossover. But not in a comicbookie way.

  18. Wasn't it in the future of universal monster video when you both said wouldnt mind an action superhero like twist on these new ones.

  19. If Jenny had major role and with less comedy scenes in this movie the movie had chance to become 2 place at box office chart? No Dr. Jeqal fight scene. Also no multiple types of spells and curses on people.

  20. Their faces in the thumbnail is the reaction of everyone to this movie..

    Why was the mummy character a whorish girl who appeared to be on extacy and constantly having an orgasm…

    She was seriously way to sexual. As well as why the f is she a girl????????

    Is Dracula gonna be a girl to? And the wolfman I guess will also be
    "the wolf woman"


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