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The new HTC One review | Engadget


The new HTC One (M8) is a great smartphone that does a lot of fantastic things. We can tell that the company listened to feedback, focused on areas that needed improvement and added some innovative new features that are actually useful along the way.

Read our review here: http://goo.gl/eLR772
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  1. i honestly would go for this phone than the iphone 6 or the s5. the speaker, display, and the build quality metal is the only thing I truly care. I don't think i'll ever use the heart rate sensor nor the finger print sensor ever be to honest.

  2. IMO the awesome phones that surprise you come out every 2 years. I.e. iPhone M7 s4 etc.

  3. Im still not seeeing a big innovation in modern smartphones.
    I have a late 2012 nexus 4 running kit cat and all of these features (apart from the micro SD and the better speakers) dont do anything for me.
    Sure it's more powerfull but then the 1080p screen and "sixth sence" will soak up any  extra performance.

  4. Sadly they didn´t change the ultra pixel camera… maybe next year 🙁 the dept camera combined with a better camera than the ultra pixel camera would have been awesome.. The camera is the reason that make me choose something else.. 

  5. Why HTC use this kind of names? ONE M8 .. ONE X+ .. ONE !! Very awkward really its like they ran out of letters and names !

  6. THE FUCKING HTC LOGO IN THE FRONT!!! Only clogs, That space could be used for more screen size -.-

  7. Not a bad review for having the phone all of a day. My only complaint is that you need to learn the difference between a megapixel and an ultrapixel. You are embarasing yourself using them like they are the same. 1megapixel is not even close to 1 ultrapixel.

  8. The only thing i want to ask is how can you give a review when the phone has just been released just for views and money?

  9. Engadget has the shortest reviews of all the other channels. And you guys always say that there will be an in-depth review of a device but it never happens. What's up with that? Not cool to keep people waiting and at the end letting them get dissapointed.


  10. Great review of the all new HTC ONE ( m8 ) . check out the engadget mobile podcast on stitcher radio 

  11. The original HTC one had boom speakers, but the one that is shown in the review doesn't happen to have them?

  12. For those who've asked, yes, the M8 does have BoomSound: HTC promises richer and louder sound by using a new amp, throwing in a new DSP and deepening the chambers housing the speakers.

  13. Got this one on friday last week.. best phone I have ever owned.. and I have had them all 🙂 iPhone 5, Android, windows phone.. the only thing I have to put on it.. as with all Android-flagships these days.. is the size. 

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