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The Protected Cig MICRO Electronic Cigarette **Evaluation**


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  1. I just ordered one of the micro packs from their website that had them on sale for $20, and a refill pack for $15.75 and used a promo code that gave 20% off total purchase, so I got 2 micro batteries, a USB charger, and 14 cartridges for like $28! That's like half the price of a damn carton of traditional cigs! Glad I switched to electronics!

  2. Thanks for a great video. I perfer the V2 ecig, but which brand is not as important as to stop lighting up.

  3. Good video i guess but it seems like they are pretty far behind the trend in my opinion. They have come out with a lot more options, sizes, flavors, and nic levels also those cartomizers are not the way to go. I use a tankomizer which lets you store much more liquid and lasts a couple of days of non stop vaping. Also, you can make your own e liquid for much cheaper.

  4. Very, very nicely done! Covered all the bases clearly and answered most of the questions I would have asked. Good job. Thanks so much for the video!

  5. Propylene Glycol is in a lot of products you consume. If you are concerned I suggest you stop drinking soda, Folgers coffee and "artificial butter flavoring". The list I just mentioned actually seems more hazardous than a typical e-cig containing Propylene Glycol, water and nicotine.

  6. The edible items you've mentioned i don't even consume them lol. And actually propylene glycol is toxic but not harmful enough because the quantity they put is very low. Large quantities are required to cause perceptible health damage in humans. Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol was classified by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration as "generally recognized as safe"

  7. I do have a question from you and I will appreciate a response. I wanna know when you put the real cigs away n get E cigs n smoke them instead. Would your lungs still get cleaned up. I don't know if there a word for that, but you know when you quite, after a couple of months or so you start coughing the stuff out. Does that still happen?

  8. Water is toxic. All things are toxic at a high enough dose. You can literally drink PG out of a bottle and you'll be fine.

  9. Oh my, seems like you guys are really excited about 2007 technology. Do more research, you can get so much more and better quality stuff for the same price. Its not amazing that they micro sized it..lol. its the difference between a 901 and 510 battery and their comparable pre-filled cartos. Cool review tho, but research a little more. I'm glad you've kicked the analog habit and hope you're still going strong….

  10. if your looking to quit you should go with an ego-c and add a tank with cartomizers you'll get a ton of vapor and you don't need to spend so much money on refiles as you can buy just liquid for the tank but then again is all about what your looking for i started with the evo ecig and used it for 7 months then i went with 901-b after that i used the screwdriver mk2 for about 2 years ending up with the ego c twist,all and all i now need a new e cig to last me more then the ego c as im a heavy user

  11. all and all if you smoke a pack a day you ll need a lot of batteries with this micro e cigs but if you go with an ego-c 2 batteries will do for about 4-6 months before they need to be replaced now the new iTaste mvp has a 2600mah battery(vs this little ones 135-150 mah) witch should last me about a day and a half to me its not if it looks good but if it ll work for what i need it. by the way the ego-c has 650-1000 mah batteries

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