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The Race to Be Hottest Halloween Costume of 2009


With Halloween rushing to meet us I guess the biggest question is going to be what are the biggest Halloween costumes for 2009? If we are looking for the blockbuster for this year then we will have to negate home made or DIY Halloween costumes as obviously they are unique to the maker so are hardly going to be the biggest of the year. So lets take a look at the commercial end of the market and figure out what the big manufacturers are pinning their hopes on.

Personally I think the tragic early demise of Michael Jackson this year is going to be a big catalyst for fans of the pop legend to pay tribute by dressing up as their hero this year. For the manufacturers this is a godsend as they already have a number of costumes available and unlike when there is a big blockbuster film, they will not have to spend time and money designing a new costume, although we will have to wait and see. As of now there is the archetypal thriller costume, made famous by “that” video, the Billie Jean costume, Beat IT and Bad. There is also a range of accessories like wigs, gloves etc.

In the category of blockbuster movie costumes GI Joe is obviously going to come into the reckoning. GI Joe is still one of the most popular toys in the US and the fact it is now a box office smash can only boost its chances of being the number one costume this Halloween. Boys will want to dress up as their favorite toy/hero and now that they have a “real” hero to look up to, you can imagine the desire will be even larger. And as for us grown ups, who wouldn’t want to look like a stone cold ninja!

Superheroes will make there normal appearance too and expect to see swarms of Batman Costumes both small and large. For the adults there are some seriously hard core Dark Knight costumes out there although for the very authentic ones you could be looking at hundreds of dollars. Might be worth it if only to impress that young lady you have had your eye on!

For the kids Harry Potter costumes will be a big hit again this year and not as much of a burden on the parents wallets! The costumes are pretty straight forward and if you are a bit handy craft wise you can probably create a Harry Potter costume as good as any on offer in the stores.

So the race is on and we shall see, but definitely think it will be a 2 horse race in the Halloween costume run in between Michael Jackson and one of the Batman costumes and for the younger generation Harry Potter is sure to wipe the floor again this year.

By Zara Jones

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