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The Sailor’s Dream | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com


The Sailor’s Dream | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review.
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Approximate Installed Size – 178 MB

https://itunes.apple.com/app/id895869909 – View App Rating & Current Price

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  1. Thanks James, I was on the fence with this app as I kinda knew it was going to be very short. I'll wait for a price drop.

  2. I will buy this game just because it is made by Simogo. Common, in a world were IAPs rule the market, houses like these are our only hope and they must sustain. 

  3. Simogo seems to be enjoying the smell of their own farts lately. Let's get back to Beat Sneak and Bumpy Road games please.

  4. Seriously lol, Am I the only  who knows what a Visual Novel is? VN is not a game, nor a walking simulator, It's an e-book that contains stories which are portrayed aesthetically by generated texts and Visual graphics, obviously the art, music and story should be good but the Player Interaction shouldn't be that of a less, more over it's just optional because it's a Visual Novel(meant to be read not played), not a game.
    I know that some of you thought that it's a game where you can do cool stuffs but no lol.

  5. My only qualm with the game is that there were so many blank transition screens that you'd come across, even more than actual interactive "rooms" or simply places that had art to look at. You'd go into an environment and there would only be say 4 or 5 things to look at/interact with and 6 or 7 blank screens. Some of these transition screens even have names associated with them… why not just make some art to coincide with them? I wouldn't be surprised if it was a budget or a time constraint, but it is still disappointing.

     Aside from that though, I love this game, it's beautiful and relaxing, love the music and varied use of story telling methods. Not the best thing out there on ios. But definitely the most original imo.

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