Home Movie Review The Salesman Official Trailer (2017) Asghar Farhadi Drama Movie HD

The Salesman Official Trailer (2017) Asghar Farhadi Drama Movie HD


The Salesman Trailer (2017) Asghar Farhadi Drama Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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  1. Farhadi is the most hypocrite statement mimicking the culture of the godfather of ISIS and global terrorism ruling my country Iran. The terrorist Mullahs in Iran since they took power in 1980 have been disrespecting the people of my country Iran, and those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by the terrorist Mullahs inhumane law that bans women travelling without a man's permission, and entry of immigrants to any parts of Iran. The terrorist Mullahs have already Divided the world into the “us” and “our enemies”and in the process have executed over 120,000 political prisoners, over 2 million dead due to persecution of immigrants, have constantly continue to create fear, have pursued deceitful justification for aggression and war not only against the Iranian people, but also against the entire Muslim nations. .

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  2. The moment when they were eating pasta, I would have lost my appetite too if I was there. And I wonder what Spongebob and Patrick sound in Persian?

  3. Does anyone know of a couple great Iranian movies? this one was good, I saw about elly and a separation.

  4. i cant even watch a single iranian film without going to sleep.. all boring shits.. what they are making are translation from novel to video.. those are not films..

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