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The Secrets You Need For MORE Reviews On Your Novels: Second Drafts Podcast #8


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7 Things You MUST Understand When Leveraging Social Proof in Your Marketing Efforts


When you are an unknown, self-published author, positive reviews are one of the pillars you need to increase sales.

The issue is that to get reviews you need sales, and to get sales you need more reviews. How can you get reviews before getting sales? How can you get an egg before you get a chicken?

You go to where the eggs are.

In this week’s podcast, we talk about why reviews are important while giving hard evidence to support that fact, different ways that you can get people to review your books, how not to go about getting reviews, and what to do when you get a bad review.

These tips are tried and true and can be corroborated across multiple authors and self-publishing help forums, but it’s all here conveniently for you in the video. Watch on so you too can reap the rewards!

01:16 Why reviews are important.
03:33 Why getting people to your page first is also important.
05:52 Amazon’s star rating update in June 2015
09:02 How to get reviews: friends
10:04 Why family is not great for reviews.
11:45 Using Goodreads giveaways for reviews.
13:58 Contacting people who’ve rated your book on Goodreads.
15:13 Contacting Bloggers and Goodreads groups for reviews.
18:18 DON’T do these things for reviews.
23:30 What to do when you get a bad review.
29:27 Ethan’s experience from using the advice in the podcast.

Let us know your tips to get reviews in the comments! (We’re all in this together!)

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