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The Snowman – Movie Review


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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Snowman starring, Michael Fassebender, Rebecca Furguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Val Kilmer, J.K. Simmons. Directed by Tomas Alfredson.

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  1. You don't find out anything about Harry because it's the 7th book in a series. This movie is filmed like everyone has read all the books to this point and know the characters already. You have to have read the book to know the missing plot pieces to know what's going on.

  2. With all the time this guys wastes building snowmen on the scene of the crime, you’d think someone would catch him in the act

  3. This Movie wasn't that Bad; I Actually Saw it in an Airplane, and Only 2 People Walked Out….

  4. Yep,…This Movie had potential with all the decent actors and decent scenery/cinematography..BUT…It fails on so many levels. It is filled with what should be tension…but instead leaves you feeling confused. Not the type of confusion that leads to some revealing clever plot twists, just confusion as to why certain scenes are shown and have no clarity in the story line. It felt the film was trying to be a deep suspense filled mystery, but mostly came across as disjointed confusion! The snowman making theme just fell flat on it's face as an attempt at an iconic themed classic thriller. More of a disappointing attempt that makes the statement "Just because there are good actors, the film can still be very poor." 4/10

  5. This movie angered me. I don't usually get angry at bad movies, even the ones I expected to be good, but this really got to me. I love murder mysteries, and I love nordic(I'm Danish) murder mysteries; books, TV series, movies, podcasts, you name it. But what I really fucking hate is when they make big budget adaptations of nordic books and make them take place where it happens, with the right names, but with American/English actors. David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was so unnecessary and dumb, mainly because the trilogy had just been made perfectly a couple of years prior in original Swedish, but also because the fucking language thing was so inconsistent and distracting.

    But I was willing to look past my hatred for that for this movie primarily because of the actors(both scandinavian, like Jakob Oftebro and David Dencik, who were both excellent, but also the non-scandinavian actors), and because the trailer looked awesome, and scary and beautiful and mysterious. And it was so boring. So excruciatingly boring. And not even in the slightest bit scary. Even the parts that were scary in trailer were fucking boring in the film. And it was super confusing, too, and nothing made sense or was even attempted to be explained in the end. And The Snowman is the seventh book in Jo Nesbø's Harry Hole saga, out of so far 11, why the fuck would you start at seven?! And what the actual fuck was up with Val Kilmer?! Whatever they did to his face was super distracting, and they clearly had to redub him afterwards, but they did a piss poor job at it.

    Eugh, this movie was a turd.

  6. Hey Chris just wanted to let you know there are so many of your videos I don't watch anymore because of your thumbnails. I wish you would stop doing that. The whole reason I like to watch is to see if you liked it or not. Recently videos I haven't even watched because I already know what you think by looking at the thumbnail. I look I see a smile or a frown and I go well he thought it was dumb. I then have my answer about if the movie is good or not and I move on without watching. I see title I see expression and you've given me the review without getting yourself a view out of it… Just a

  7. I really fucking lost interest after the first 30 mins so I'm 100 % happy I checked your review that way I wouldn't waste my time watching the rest of this clusterfuck of a movie.

  8. The book was so good. How could they get the movie wrong? It's as though they didn't even try to make it good. Sad.

  9. I couldn't figure it out: do I want to this movie or not. I had it on my to watch list for so long… ok. I made my decision. Next!

  10. I totally agree with you, I was SOOOOOO disappointed since I loved the Harry Hole novels, and Fassbinder was a decent choice. The women were grossly miscast from the characters in the books. I can't believe that such a good director totally missed the mark. I was SO hoping for the possibility of all 13 books would be made into great films. Chris, you should read the books, they are sooooo good and everyone's back stories are woven through the books, so you have to read them in order.

  11. Cannot believe this movie was released into theaters . Worst movie ive ever seen , biggest waste of 90+ minutes that Ill never get back

  12. Luckily I read the book before this so I can appreciate it more
    I think that’s the only way to enjoy it however it’s like a 600 page novel so ur gonna need commitment

  13. By Alfredson’s estimates, around 10-15% of the movie’s screenplay was not filmed during production. “The Snowman” was originally set to be directed by Martin Scorsese, but Alfredson took over and Scorsese stepped into an executive producing role. The film had been in development for awhile by the time Alfredson came on board and production was rushed once he was set as director.

  14. Finally got a chance to see this movie. Couldn't agree more – the only things that really keep this movie interesting and worth watching are the cinematography and Michael Fassbender's acting. It's one of those movies where about halfway through, you realize that it isn't going to have any clear direction.

  15. Great book that explains his back story and has a far better ending. The film? Awful. Trust me if anyone still has any interest in the snowman after watching the film…read the book👍

  16. This whole movie took on a weird satirical quality, like it was an artsy parody of your typical scandi noir. But what a waste of a Fassbender.

  17. Just got done watching this movie for the first time….and the last time. What a waste of 2hrs of my life. So much talent in this film yet it stinks and was boring as hell. Fassbender has made some really dud movies, i read he started this 2days after finishing shooting assassins creed, and it shows, 2 awful films back to back.

    And i agree about jk simmons, i.e. who was his character but can you please tell me who val kilmer was in this too because he was a mystery to me too..i had no clue who he was? and his dubbed voice was awful but i took it that he didnt speak dur to illness so i could understand that, but the dubbed voice didnt look right to me

  18. As a Norwegian I can tell you that winter doesn't look like this. Maybe when it's very cold, but this has the "powderd sugar" look that's just fake. And you can't build a snow man when it's this cold.  It all looks good, but also so madly fake.

  19. When making the 1st movie out of the 7-8th book without filling out any info about the characters..

  20. Fix the movie by having Film Noir-esque narration by the lead investigator character. Then you can really get into his head, and perhaps fill in important parts of the story.

  21. The book is terrific, but I have friends who’ve seen the movie and read the book who say the book is far superior

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