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The Sony KDL32W5810 – A Review


The Sony KDL32W5810 TV is one of the most impressive television sets in the Sony Bravia line of TVs. It works with all sorts of different features for the best set viewing appearance. Here are some of these many features available on the KDL32W5810 set.

This Sony KDL32W5810 is one that is thirty-two inches in size. This is a good sized screen for those who need a television set for a medium-sized room. With this size it can be easy to see programmes in both 4:3 and 14:9 forms. This makes it easier to see things in their proper forms on the television.

A number of high-definition signals can work with the KDL32W5810. These signals include the top quality 1080p signal form. Other signals as low as the 480p signal can be handled as well. The great quality of the signals can work very well with the resolution on this television. The KDL32W5810 uses a resolution level of 1920×1080.

The contrast ratio that works with this KDL32W5810 is a great thing to check out here as well. This set uses a contrast ratio of 80000:1. This helps to create top quality pictures that are very realistic. It can also work to create deeper black levels on the screen.

It is always helpful to see how the audio can be used on this TV. The Sony Bravia KDL32W5810 TV can use its S-Force Front Surround internal speaker system to create surround sound. It works through the television set’s speakers by distributing sounds according to how the ears pick them up. Sounds will no reflect off the walls as a result. Dialogue volume can also be centralised and controlled without altering background noise through the Voice Zoom feature.

The freesat tuner is a great thing to check out with the Sony Bravia KDL32W5810. The freesat tuner works as a satellite tuner that is inside of this TV. As a result the TV can easily pick up the freesat service for free. When this happens tens of hours of BBC and ITV programming can be received. This is free to use and no wires are needed for this.

This KDL32W5810 TV also works with handling DLNA technology. A movie or other video that is stored on a DLNA-enabled computer can connect with the TV. The use of networking between the TV and computer can make this possible. A digital device can even be plugged into the TV.

HDMI ports have become common for many TVs and the KDL32W5810 TV uses plenty of them. Two ports work on the side of the TV set and two are in the rear for four total ports. Different high-definition devices can be connected to a television set thanks to all of these ports.

The Sony KDL32W5810 TV is a great option to check out when it comes to Sony TVs. This is a TV set that has a good size for a medium-sized room. It can work with many types of pictures and has a great contrast ratio. Audio can be easy to handle as well. All these features and more make this a popular television set to see.

By Harley Baird

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