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The Stone Gods by C B Pratt, A Book Review


Seriously, I felt like I was there, walking, talking and observing all that was going on. Okay, and maybe like in the old days, swooning over Enos. I admired him, and better yet, I really, really liked him. Cynthia Pratt has created a monster, a monster of a man as addictive as chocolate. From the beginning you are wondering about him, picturing what he looks like and searching for clues to know more about him. With her spell binding writing she creates a thirst that is never really satisfied; you want more of him even when the story ends, and even after you close the cover.

This is the second book in the series, but the story can actually stand alone. Well kind of… like I said, you want more of this Enos the Thracian man of wonder, so one book just isn’t enough. The story though does come full circle so you don’t begin in the middle of the previous book, and you end with a clear picture ending, even as you want another written page to follow the last.

Enos was created to solve problems, at least that’s what he does for a living, but the story has hinted that there is more to the depth of this creation than has been told… so far. I am wondering what the first book had to say, and of course have purchased it to read and hopefully ease my quest which I am sure it will help, but with Cynthia Pratt’s masterful work the next book will have to be purchased as well. You just can’t get too much of Enos.

The other characters are entwined enough to keep you firmly entrenched in the story, but never take away from the main character. You don’t find yourself really wondering more about them than Enos, which I’m sure, was the author’s intent all along. They all keep the story animated, colorful and interesting, but still manage to keep you focused on what Enos does, how he will react, what will happen next, and of course what he looks like. Ah, the never ending questions of a female reader about a virile male character.

I had to give this story five stars. With a good storyline, a vibrant and enticing main character and the author’s ability to make sure you want more, it couldn’t be anything less. I will absolutely read the first book which is already on my shelf, and rest assured the next book or books as well. I have always enjoyed stories based around Greek Mythology, and this one can certainly claim the top hat spot. Thanks Cynthia Pratt, your adventure was fun. Go get the book and enjoy.

By Colleen M Bratley

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