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The Top 10 Best Free Sample By Mail Websites For 2014 – Free Samples Sites List



Believe it or not there are many websites on the internet that do offer completely free stuff. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best free sample by mail websites for 2014. This list of free samples sites will allow you to get free samples from some of your favorite brands without any catches. When you visit each site make sure to search for a link that says “Freebies” or “Free Samples” because some of their offers are for free trials or sweepstakes that have some sort of catch to them. The free samples don’t require you to purchase anything and the shipping and handling is usually paid for by the manufacturer.

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FreeFlys.com Review
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ShareYourFreebies.com Review
Shop4Freebies Review
Shop4Freebies.com Review
Julie’s Freebies Review
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  1. 6 Is a scam- no one ever receives anything after filling out BS surveys and are tied in with getitfree.com, FreeFlys is not only a scam but they are prejudiced- for some BS reason, they will not let me comment on their page, yet I see others commenting every day. Yeah I contacted these stuck ups about it, and they STILL ignore me. Ergo, not only have I reported these to the BBB, but also habitually report them to Facebook.
    The ONLY, freebie site, I have legitimately received anything from, WITHOUT surveys is this one here:  http://womanfreebies.com/

  2. Good.  But BEWARE of FREEBIESHARK.COM.  DON'T EVEN CLICK ON ANYTHING THERE.  The kid who runs the website puts his bit.ly links on the site when "informing" people about signing up for things, contests, etc.  Many times, contests allow you multiple entries if you refer other people with your special link after you enter. Then whomever you send it to who clicks on it to enter/sign up ALSO gets ANOTHER entry/prize.  For instance, many contests will give out several prizes, including one to whomever REFERS the most people.  This is what Jason of Freebieshark is doing and doesn’t even think is wrong.  He puts his bit.ly REFERRAL link in the text on the site, but renames the link to, for example, "Click Here to Enter the Smithfield ABC contest and sign up to win a year's worth of product, and you refer as many people as you like for additional entries."  What Freebieshark is doing is hiding their bit.ly links INSIDE the text of what I just put, so every time the tens of thousands of readers click on the "contest" link, they are in fact giving Freebie Shark the incredible edge of winning the prize!  They are USING you to ride all your coattails to the winner's circle WITHOUT DISCLOSING THAT TYPE OF ACTIVITY.  So, if a contest is giving away a grand prize, and 10,000 people enter ONCE from the Freebieshark link, and Freebieshark now has 10,000 entries for FREE, who do you think will wind up with the biggest edge to win the prize out of the site and each of the visitors?  I don't know about you all, but I don't like to waste my time going to websites and entering contests for people I don't know and who are sneakily USING ME AND EVERYONE ELSE to acquire freebies as WELL AS making money by owning the site in the first place.  Now I've learned to ALWAYS use my computer mouse to copy the text of the link and paste it in a plain document FIRST to see if has anything similar to http://bit.ly.m5f93kd OR ANYTHING with bit.ly in it.  I NOW just go to the website or Facebook page of the company and enter myself from the link on the site, and I make sure to empty my cache and cookies in the browser if I accidentally click on such a link so it isn't remembered on the website when I go back the right way.  Make sure you are visiting sites with integrity and those that do not operate with subsidiary intentions like double-dipping that intend to take away benefits from those they claim to be in the business of helping. Everyone has a right to participate in the promotions, but they don’t have an inherent right to USE people to do so in a stealth manner, forcing folks becoming REFERRALS for people they don’t even know and have not directly CHOSEN to be a referral for.

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