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The Truman Show Movie Review – Starring Jim Carrey and Laura Linney


“The Truman Show” is a very thought-provoking film starring Jim Carrey as Truman, a man whose life is completely staged on a TV show, unbeknownst to him. Jim Carrey plays one of his best roles in this film. Laura Linney also does a great job as his staged wife.

The movie takes place in the future in a huge TV studio large enough to be seen from space. The studio has constructed a mock-up town called Sea Haven. Truman is selected as one of five babies to have his life filmed on the show unbeknownst to him and to be the star of the show. His “father” is killed off early on in a boating accident, whence Truman becomes afraid of the water. Nevertheless, Truman yearns to travel, though everyone convinces him not to.

In college, Truman falls in love with “Lauren”, one of the extras. She tries to tell him that his life isn’t real, but her “father” whisks her away before she has the chance. Although Truman later gets married to “Meryl”, he remains secretly in love with “Lauren”.

Eventually Truman becomes convinced that his life is staged. He makes more and more desperate measures to escape from Sea Haven, to no avail at first. Eventually he conquers his fear of the water, sneaks out of his house, and sails out to “sea”. The show’s producer tries to stop him by controlling the weather, creating a storm at sea which nearly kills him, but he manages to survive. Eventually he finds the edge of the set and walks out.

By David Terr

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