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The Untold History of the Sinking of the Titanic: How Did Hollywood Get It So Wrong?


How many more fact checked "chronological movies" has Hollywood stacked over the historical coals, simply for their pure enjoyment to make a fast buck? When we casually watch it, we should in the not too distant future loudly demand that some form of public recording which allows a make us want to believe en-joyers to know outright that there just might not be everything through the wholly fabricated film being told with honest to goodness objectivity?

To expend untold depths of hard cash in the making of that superstar filled cast of historically based characters where one might wish to suppose at least some grain of truth might remain. However, did anyone care to look up the ship's manifest, to determine what could have possibly set Germany on a tizzy enough to proclaim their need to sink the real history of the Titanic? Why did Great Britain see the historical need to change the name of the ship, which was actually sunk, and then to give the first christened Titanic a brand new name?

This, to me, would have been far more gut wrenching a movie plot than to be rolled into a make the audience believe belief that a block of ice on stereoids actually did the deed! Can you imagine in your heart of hearts how many people today, are simply worked up based on a totally fabricated historical point of view about a fear of icebergs, and the likes, when they casually see them on luxury liners today?

There seems to be far too many unanswered questions which habitually remain in order to really make a dim star power studded movie on this topic. If the accuracy of this historically packaged event was the overall driving objective to make the high [almost] powered flick, then what happened with that idea?

Please just go right over to your local public library, and see if you too can locate, "Futility and the Wreck of the Titanic," by MF Mansfield, c. 1898.
A book that was just 14 years before what we the oftentimes mislead history fans want to believe, was just an unsuspecting accident!

Take a good look at all those misleading books which seem to follow the same genre, which currently fill library shelves today on the topic, and then think about what a total waste of time and money alone was expired.

I personally do not want to make either Germany or any other nation, for that matter, the scapegoat of history, but to manifest the facts fit into their proper order. In doing so, it is held that such events can be stopped instead of them without our knowing being fed to us over and over again!

By Albert Franklin

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