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The Village [1/2] – Hollywood Beatdown | GizmoCh


In this week’s Hollywood Beatdown, I start my reviews of the ‘bad’ M Night Shyamalan movies with The Village.

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  1. Great review! Really high quality, great production, and intelligent script. liked and subdcribed. Keep up the good work!

  2. Goodness…you know, I feel bad for Shyamalan; I don't know much about him, but he just doesn't understand that maybe he should try something else. He may be trying to prove he has a good idea, even came close with Devil,(but the whole Demon thing being the plot device killed it) but is clearly insane.

  3. Your review is pretty bad! All you're doing is creating your own
    comic relief on bits and pieces of this movie – taking it all out of context. You could do the same for any Oscar winning movie and make the movie seem like crap. The Village may not be Oscar material but most movies aren't. But the movie is, by all accounts, a pretty decent movie. No matter what M. Night does in the future won't ever be good enough for critics. I just hope that this doesn't stop him from creating his style of movies. He just needs to stay true to what he does best. And do it for his huge following and not care what critics and haters have to say about his work.

  4. this was a terrible review……not a bad movie….none of your jokes made sense toward the film….if you even want to call them jokes.

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