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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review (Xbox One)


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the latest game in the series to release, and the first on current generation consoles. Find out where the game has improved from predecessors and what to expect from the Xbox One version in particular.

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  1. "Smoothest running game of the current generation"
    Hey look there's a Wii U.  What?  Mario Kart and Smash Bros. run at SIXTY frames per second?  You don't say!  I know it's not Witcher, but you literally can't say something at 30 fps is the SMOOTHEST EVER this gen. XD

  2. The only reason Crap likes to not give out any spoilers is because he doesn't finish the games therefore can't really give out any spoilers

  3. It's not even smooth at 30, guarantee if he ran a fps counter, he would see the dips.

    Also MR REVIEWER, 30fps is a sub standard that is to be done away with. 60fps should be the minimum, period and it shouldn't stop there.

  4. Idk why you guys are disliking it.

    It clearly says crap gamer reviews.

    And he gave what he advertised.

  5. Holy fuck you people are spoiled little brats. Have you all forgotten that the average Xbox 360 and PS3 games ran at 20-25 FPS max??? I NEVER heard anyone complaining. Now, if it's below 60 but still above the old consoles, you all complain. Fucking babies I swear. I know 60 FPS is better, we can all agree, but come the fuck on! Don't like the frames? Don't buy the game, it's just that simple.

  6. "They really took advantage of the new hardware"  Yeah, I would say they were held back by the hardware of the consoles…

  7. who gives a shit!! games are meant to be played and have fun,all this pc this pc that pc is better! is getting old!! just enjoy the game doesn't Matter what platform your using, be happy with what you got.

  8. The best part about his videos are not even the videos. It's the insane people that SIT THROUGH EVERY VIDEO AND ARE SO ATTENTIVE TO THEM SO THEY CAN THEN DISECT THEM LINE BY LINE. Keep doin' wut ya doin' man, it's awesome.

  9. that game looks good at 900p 30fps you could only imagine how it runs on my pc 1440p 60 frames with hairworks on. haha your a bitch you dont get nvidia hair works

  10. >"30 FPS"
    >"Smooth as can be"
    I'm gonna go now and play my games on a 144Hz monitor now while I'm getting a 300 FPS framerate (it's only displaying at 144 FPS but it is always nice to have a framerate higher than the refresh rate of the monitor) as i laugh at the bullshit you are spitting out

  11. How the fuck can gamers listen to this guy reviews games when he hides his Achievements and Trophies what a fraud

  12. smooth 30 fps? dude stop embarrassing yourself with this consol nonsense, my not even mediocre PC can get it to 40 fps even with mods hahahahaha…. consoles are the reason why they actually had to downgrade the game, you morons are keeping our games down with this console BS…. also witcher 3 PC sales have surpased both PS4 and xbox by a mile…. so there is money for them in PC market, there is – some – money for them in consol market….

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