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Theranos (one big fat lie): Year in Review


Theranos had an awful year, and it only has itself to blame: engt.co/2iwUcvM

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  1. Did I miss something? What the hell does a guy lighting his pants on fire have to do with a blood test?

  2. Sad thing. The fracture on Kickstarter startups is that not every idea is tested before risk to ask people for funds

  3. I wouldve felt bad for homes if she wasnt playing with peoples lives. Jesus christ, how the fuck do you run a medical testing company with fake shit!

  4. Holmes can go to jail for fraud. A self deceived narcissist with daddy issues. Would be so satisfying to have her cellmate be Samantha Reuben Erdely.

  5. If Theranos used its nanotainers to withdraw the small amount of blood they used for testing, and then used other proprietary and standard technology for all tests after the first one, how did they have enough blood for all the tests?

  6. What is even more mind boggling is that Holmes was able to raise at least 750 million from investors with tech that did not work. I have a medical device that is similar to the theirs but I can prove that mine works and I cant get any investors.

  7. The intelligence of Venture Capitalists must be wildly overestimated. Investing in a too good to be true technology that's kept 100% secret, even from the people who work for her company.

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