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Thinkware F770 Review – Best Two Channel Parking Camera


The Thinkware F770 our top choice for parked recording with two cameras. The video quality is best of class, stealthy appearance, energy efficiency and overheating protection during parking mode.

We’ll be doing eve more dual channel testing soon to conclusively say if the F770 is the all time best. Right now we think it’s fantastic.

128GB Cards // Transcend & Sandisk High Endurance cards do not work with this camera. See our card recommendations below.

Aug 30th, 2017
We’ve purchased Thinkware’s F800 for testing with the F800 Pro coming out in the future. Both cameras are equipped with a better processor, sensor and some new features over the F770. We’ll add our test results here and release a full review in the future. If prices for the F770 and F800 are similar it may be worth getting the F800.
Link: http://bit.ly/2g9tYns

June 30th, 2017
We’ve been seeing increased problems with the Lexar 633X card and do not recommend do not recommend it for this camera.

Dec 1, 2016
Forgot to mention the security LED can be turned off in the settings. The red light camera system is using Garmin’s data and will only alert you to the direction the red light cameras are actively monitoring.

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To download raw videos see our article:

Thinkware F770 Dual Channel Dash Camera Review

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Thinkware is VERY picky as to what SD cards work. Transcend // High Endurance cards do NOT work with the F770. There are no 128GB cards that now work with the F770. We suggest buying Thinkware’s brand or the Transcend 400X cards if you want to save money at the cost of lower reliability and no warranty.

We apologize for the changes as manufacturing processes for SD cards are different since this video was released.

Transcend 400X:
Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2him1vU
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2vnyQeO
Canada Computers: http://bit.ly/2vo5vRb

Want to learn more about hardwiring, see our parking mode guide.

A Guide to Parked Recording with Dash Cameras

Dropping a car to show off the dual save feature: https://youtu.be/dcAMjghHYFE

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Please note, we earn a commission from the retailers we link below. Since Jan 2017 we have purchased all dash cameras we review and we do not have paid relationships with manufacturers. We only recommend products after hours of research, hands-on testing and analysis.




Great Vancouver based retailer who ships to Canada and United States. They have an extensive knowledge of hardwiring in luxury vehicles. Lots of positive reviews and they’ve been around for years and won’t disappear overnight with your warranty.

As an exclusive to Car Cam Central viewers use the code “CARCAMCENTRAL20” for $20 off any purchases over $400.

USA Website: http://bit.ly/F770_BBMC_USA (Affiliate)
CAN Website: http://bit.ly/F770_BBMC_CAN1

Sold by BlackBoxMyCar and includes a 32GB card and a Hardwiring kit.
USA: http://amzn.to/2tlFAIg (Affiliate)
Canada: http://amzn.to/2rBvaQl

Get it directly from ThinkwareDashCam.UK at a great price: http://thinkwaredashcam.uk/product/thinkware-dash-cam-f770/

There are other authorized stores listed through Thinkware’s website: http://www.thinkware.com/Support/WhereToBuy

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Thanks to “Spike” Bolen for his donation which greatly helps with producing reviews.

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We received the front camera from a marketing agency in charge of Thinkware’s Brand (Liberty Communication) and the rear camera from BlackBoxMyCar for free. They had no editorial input on this review.

As well we use affiliate links above.

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  1. I read that only Thinkware sd cards can be used with their dash cams. Is that true?

  2. An excellent and thorough review! Will you be testing the Thinkware F800 anytime soon? I contacted Thinkware and they said the F800 is available at select BestBuys. I also read that Thinkware will be introducing the Thinkware F800 Pro in the next few months.

  3. Hi will you be reviewing the f800 anytime in the near future. As I went to best buy to buy a dash cam and the f800 says it will be coming soon. I think that I want to wait till that comes out before I purchase a dash cam. I really enjoyed your review and the way you give such detail about the camera you do a better job then the salesman at best buy lol.

  4. Really detailed review of dash cam. Thank you for making this available for consumers keep the good work up.

  5. has any one found a way to tell if the mic is on or off without using the app? i keep pressing the mic and even tried holding onto the button but cant tell if it is turned on or off. only when i do it through the app does it say if mic is on or off. or am i not able to change the mic settings while in continuous recording or parking mode?

  6. Dude your reivew is so detailed I actually think you are raising the standard of what can really be a review

  7. Have you seen the new Qvia ar790wd, made by Lukas? It supposed be better then the Blackvu and Thinkware770.

  8. I like that the blackvue can be detached from the car. If it is hot like in arizona i can detach the camera and put a lens protector which it comes with and throw it in my backpack

  9. great comprehensive review. The F770 are starting to find their way into discount stores so worth that bit extra search

  10. B.S. the thinkware 770 is a POS…, mine lasted barely two months, and when I attempted to return it on warranty it was a total jerk on the other end.
    Be SMART, do not purchase this POS…, expensive does not mean it's good, because it is NOT.

  11. First I liked to say Thanks so much for the very In-depth review.I can definitely see you have put much work into your Reviews.I don't know if this would work for my Vehicle because of the Window's and I have a definite blind spot and the shape of my car would not work so I see why you said this is for larger Vehicles.I am also stickler when it comes to anything in the way of my Vision.I am going to check out the site you mentioned or some other Videos.I have a Truck as well wish I would have seen this earlier because I just picked up a Dual Camera for the Truck.Awesome Videos really enjoyed but I would definitely need something a little smaller but tired of the Cheap one's that I have already made mistakes on.Keep up the Great Video's Love your work.?Deb

  12. Can't believe you called this thing "stealthy." ? The front camera looks like a small brick. I prefer the cylinder design of the BlackVue.

  13. The video quality is great BUT if you don't need lane departure warning NEVER turn that option on,cause u can it off. I've had this camera for 6 months and I put lane departure on and it dinged even going dead straight. I contacted manufacturer, they gave suggestions BUT it STILL Dings,dings and dings AND dings. Even though the car is dead center of the road.

  14. This seems useful for accidents mostly. But what if you wanted to catch a thief? Seems to me he could approach from the side of the vehicle, break the window and never get recorded doing that or entering the vehicle and taking something.

  15. Hey, i'm looking for "the best" dashcam, the price doesn't matter, is this still pretty good? Let me know please, thank you.

  16. Andrew, im in the market for a dual cam.. im looking to this or blackvue so what do i think is better and at the sametime i kinda want one that i can move like the opia2

  17. How about the F800 is that better than the F770? I drive mostly at night for work so I need superior night vision.

  18. I'm thinking of buying "Cobra – CDR895D Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam – Black". Is it better than "Thinkware F770" or "Rexing V1LG"?

  19. Normally because red light/speed cam only work one way (my tomtom norm only alerts me on the direction is facing to captor you)

  20. The video quality is great, but the product is GARBAGE! This review by Car Cam Central (A.K.A. seems great at face value, but do your own homework before purchasing this model because he will lead viewers spending money on SD cards that aren't compatible with this product. I don't blame the SD card manufactures, it's Thinkware that is the problem. At the 1:30 mark of the video you'll hear that this unit will support up to 128GB SD card. Read the manual and you'll find it actually only supports up to 64GB MAXIMUM!


    I don't recall if it was this particular video or another video posted from Black Box My Car… Whomever it was is irrelevant, thepoint that I'm trying to make is DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK, call the manufacturer (Yeah, good luck reaching them). You'll hear that the best non-Thinkware 128GB SD card to purchase is the Lexar 633x SD card… As I already mentioned t does NOT support 128B SD cards! Why would the reviewer mention this specific card if it's not compatible? Laziness I'd guess. I purchased this card for $105 only to find out that it will NOT work with this model. BestBuy refused to refund since the package was opened, so I'm stuck with a card that I don't need.
    Had I read through hundreds of comments I would've noticed that the reviewer later mentioned the compatibility issues of the Lexar cards (not the storage capacity limit though)
    I contacted the reviewer to ask why he didn't insert this important information in the video itself, rather than burying the info in the comment section… He apologized for the inconvenience, then he told me the card that I needed was the Samsung Evo Plus SD card. Another $105 later and I now have a card that works great (not really though, here's why).
    The Thinkware unit seems to record just fine and it does, but if you want to make use of the video captured you better not turn off the car and start it up again without first extracting the files, otherwise it will erase ALL of the previous files when you start the engine.

    Good luck getting the WI-fi option to workproperly or at all. Most of the time your phone, tablet will not see the Thinkware wi-fi and if it does and you're finally able to connect it'll loose the signal within a few minutes. I had high hopes for this product and have spent a lot of money on this over pried & under performing unit, not to mention the $210 that I wasted on SD cards.

    Have you priced the replacement Thinkware SD card? Pfffft! This product offers the best video quality, but what good is it if you have to eject the card and save the files to your PC every time you turn off the vehile's engine if you care to keep the files? What a P.I.T.A.! I purchased this camera because I drive for Uber and wanted to protect myself from passengers that may one day falsely accuse me of a crime… I'm not going to carry my laptop with me to save the files, but without the means to save the files after turning off the engine, this product is useless. I guess I can just leave the engine running when I need to make a pit stop, that's one way to loose this product along with my car. Sorry for all of my rambling and complaining, buy this product or don't buy it… I don't care either way. This product is a FAIL and so is the 750 model before it, but I'm sure the newest model F800 Pro will be fantastic, no ,probably not!

  21. Hi there
    I've just bought a thinkware f770 front and rear camera plus the hard wire kit just one question does park mode work on both front and rear camera's
    regards phill

  22. Andrew,

    Thank you again for another stellar review. Your commentary style i.e. voice, eye contact, verbiage and knowledge of the products you review, are second to none! Thanks again!!

  23. Have you ever had any trouble with the dash cam in cold weather conditions within the GTA? I'm debating between this and the A119 – the only reason why I'm considering this is because of parking mode, and the possibility of adding a second channel to the set-up.

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