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Titan One: How To Install On Any Console (Plus Quick Review)


How To Install the Titan One on any console. Video Game USB mod for PS3, PS4, XBox One, Xbox 360, PC, or a laptop. Also includes a small review on some of the features. TitanOne allows you to write script that will modify your controller output. This will allow you to play almost any console with almost any controller. Cross-platform support? Yes sir! How to connect, How to install, how to use!

– Titan One: https://amzn.to/2Gyonmv

– Titan Two: https://amzn.to/2GQOK6r

– Titan Two Expansion Kit: https://amzn.to/2EhfbND

– Titan Two Connection Kit: https://amzn.to/2GyTdYe

– Titan Two Power Supply (Recommended): https://amzn.to/2F6Nkjn

– The link to download the software needed, GTuner Pro:

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  1. I have a question, do I need to have blue tooth on my controller for this to work? And if I only have two ports on my PC is there a work around that actually works like buying an adapter so I can plug two things into one port at once?

  2. Has anyone tried the ds3 on a ps4? I'm going for that because I'm not a fan of how the ds4 feels but I've been struggling to adapt. Just collecting info before I waste hard earned money

  3. Do not buy titan one it does not worth it. most of us buy it for anti recoil and it does not work well and developers cannot fix the issue and u can read this in their forums. The aim pulling down when you turn left or right even if you adjust it in settings. For every one how thinking to buy titan one for anti recoil it is not your perfect choice. And I have no idea if Cronus max has or not. I will returned to seller.

  4. hello I have a question you can configure the control of ps4 aim and shoot with l1 and r1 because as it comes by default is a shit for me

  5. Dont know how it Work i Copy the file on Titan and on ps4 nothing Work… on pc work rapide fire but in the Game not..

  6. I saw you had the "ROXIO GANGCAP HD PRO" thing. What is that? Do I need it to make my Xbox One S work with a mouse and keyboard? Also, if I do purchase a Titan One, are there any other requirements? For example, I have a Laptop with a Logitech Wireless Mouse, if I want to use this Laptop and my Wireless Mouse on my Xbox One S, is the Titan One all I need? Thank you. (Serious Replies Only, Please.)

  7. I'm completely lost
    i have the titan 1 and when i click your link the program isn't compatible with mac. only the titan 2 is
    regardless i downloaded g tuner iv for mac and it looks nothing like yours

  8. How is it possible that any of you see this as improving a game? It’s cheating, bottom line and you are a piece of garbage.

  9. PLEASE HELP i have 2 quistions.. 1. Do i have to install anything into the console itself?
    2. Will everything still work if i use the ps4 controller on my ps3?


  10. Question. I'm in need of Macro set function. Being able to place 4 button comb on Xbox controller such as pressing A does A, A, Down, A. And possibly even repeats that script multiple times. Does this item allow for this…and how difficult would it be to setup.

  11. My Titan One won't Connect to my laptop. It worked before but not anymore. Any way on how to fix it!!! Please tell me

  12. Do I have to reinstall everything if it unplugs or/and everytime I reuse it becasue obviously I dont wanna use it all the time I do wanna talk to my friends lol …

  13. So do I have to have a PC to do this? I just can't plug in and play my PS4 controller on my Xbox One for fighting games?

  14. All you you guys videos is bullshit, first you show disconnect , and then video change then come connect, no one see how it happened..👎🏿

  15. Can I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller on Xbox One if I plug the wireless USB adapter into the Titan One? I really want to know because all of my Xbox One controllers have stick drift

  16. Tbh, I learnt nothing from this. All I get is circles on my titan one, and after 20 seconds it turns off

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