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To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary – Chapter 13


Aunt Alexandra Stays “Awhile”:

Aunt Alexandra announces that she is staying for awhile to give the children some woman’s influence. According to the customs of Maycomb, staying for awhile could mean staying as short as a matter of days or longer period that would take even years. The town welcomes her wholeheartedly bringing cakes and inviting her for coffee. She easily becomes an integral part of the community’s social life but quiet a dreadful presence to the two kids.

Atticus’s Sister, Aunt Alexandra Scolds:

Aunt Alexandra is the sister of Atticus who tries to make a good impression on the children about the background of the Finch family. She tries to let the children understand that they have a fine family and be confident in acting as such. She comes to live with the family at the start of the trial. However, the children just let her scolding pass from one ear to the other.

Being a “Proper” Finch:

The daily routine starts with a lecture about how to act like a proper Finch. Their ancestors come from a fine family and she is proud of being a Finch that she instructs her brother Atticus to inform the children about their ancestry. Atticus tries to make the orientation but Scout cries. The children have no interests becoming and acting like a lady and a gentleman. They do not want to bother learning the right behavior of a person coming from a fine ancestry.

By John Halasz

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