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To Kill A Mockingbird Summary – Chapter 28


The Play:

The night is good and the place is a little bit dark but Scout finds pleasure playing the school’s different games. The whole town gathers to watch the play. Scout becomes sleepy waiting for her part, which makes her present her part a little bit late. She feels horrified, but viewers just laugh. This makes Scout feels ashamed. They start walking back home when almost everyone has left the place.

Someone Attacks Jem:

As they walk back home, Jem senses someone following them from behind. They figure it is their friend Cecil, trying to scare them. They realize she is not the one following them at all when someone from behind hit them. Jem screams seeing Scout crushing under her ham costume. She cannot see her attacker from behind. The place is quiet but she realizes that there are four people standing near the tree. Scout looks for the road in a panic looking for Jem.

Jem is Hurt and Bob Ewell is Dead:

She sees a man at a distance, walking unsteadily. The man carries Jem towards their home. Inside the house, Atticus calls the sheriff and the doctor. They all have no idea how bad Jem is hurt. Dr. Reynolds later informs them he sustained a broken arm from the attack. Heck comes inside the house and tells Atticus that he found Bob Ewell dead under the tree near the place where he attacked the children. A kitchen knife was stuck in his ribs.

By John Halasz

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