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Top 10 Most Reliable Cars of 2020: The Short List


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The incredibly picky folks at Consumer Reports have revealed their list of the most reliable cars of 2020. The yearly ranking contains a few surprises, especially number one.

It will come as little surprise that this list is just filled with Japanese models. In fact, only one car on the list is not Japanese.

What is surprising is that there are no Hondas on it. And then there’s that number one car again.

The Zoom-Zoom brand had a strong year, claiming 30% of the top ten. It isn’t the only Japanese automaker to pull off that feat either. Lexus and Toyota both matched Mazda for this model year, placing with three models each.

Want to know the exact order? Then watch the video!

Read more at: https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2019/11/most-reliable-cars-consumer-reports.html

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  1. I had Toyota Corolla and Yaris before. They are built to last, no major engine problems and electrical faults that I encountered.

  2. If figures that all of the overpriced cars made the list. Every car on this list is not worth the price. And most of these cars cost a fortune to keep them running.

  3. I got a older Ford focus, and I've never had any trouble with it. Ever. It now has 346987 miles on it and I've never done any major repairs to it. I have a friend that has a 2018 Toyota corolla, and its been in the shop almost3 months because they can't figure out whats wrong with it. No thank u. I'll take an American car anyway.

  4. He’s talking about new cars 2020 lol of course it’s reliable it’s new lol this is a dumb review

  5. 10. Lexus GS. Mazda 9. 4 Runner. Lexus NS. Mazda CX 3. Hyundai kona. Lexus GX. Prius. Prius Prime. 1 Mazda mx5.

  6. 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2009 Lexus RX350, 2010 Toyota Camry SE, 2007 Toyota Avalon… My driveway is very, very, happy!!!!

  7. How are they reliable within one year of production?………..usually one year to three years after warranty Is the test!…………???

  8. My toyota corolla car still runs at 130km/hr and it is 1996 model, now 24yrs old. It's very reliable and durable.

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