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Top 10 New Cars Coming in 2017. Review


Top 10 New Cars Coming in 2017. Review
1. Acura NSX
2. Apple Car
3. BMW M2
4. Lincoln Continental
5. Toyota Supra
6. Tesla Model S
7. Volvo XC90
8. Ford GT
9. Chevrolet Bolt
10. Toyota Prius
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  1. You don't know anyone who can read you idiots? All this work on photography and you lay on this CHEESY electronic voice. Why? I clicked the thumbs down for this reason.

  2. This is supposed to be the TOP ten cars, and I get a robot voice telling me about electric cars????? SHUT UP!

  3. $60,000 isn't the affordable route for a Supra. If you want a real Supra get an MKIV for like 9-25k and drop the extra money in the engine and on the car in general

  4. Geezzz would not be a vid…except for that stupid robotish voice over…..killed it for me.

  5. Stop holding out on use! I know you have engines that doesn't need fossil fuels, once you start the engine it will never stop running and will keep running until you turn it off manually!!!!

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