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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games


Here’s our top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games!

What are your favorite 3DS games? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kirby Triple Deluxe is definitely on top of my favourite 3DS games. Mario and Luigi Dream Team sits high up there too!

  2. My favorite 3DS games are Luigi's mansion dark moon and Pokemon X and Y. kid icarus is amazing as well.

  3. Animal Crossing would have to be near the top for me… its not nearly the most revolutionary, but it is the one I've spent the most time with by far.  🙂

  4. My parents bought me nintendo 3ds 3 years ago and I still don't have any games on it because my parents don't let me 🙁 I wish that I had at least 5 games on it 🙁

  5. Mejores juegos 2015 3ds!

    1-Zelda ocarina of time 3d
    2-Zelda a link between worlds
    3-Kid icarus :uprising
    4-Fantasy Life
    5-Animal Crosing : New Leaf
    6-Mario 3d land
    7-Super Smash Bross
    8-Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    9-Zelda majorask mask 3d
    10-el profesor Layton y Phoenix Wright : ace at
    11-Rodea : The Sky Soldier
    12-Zelda Tri forces
    13-Pokemon X
    14-Luigis mansion 2
    15-Super new mario bros 2
    16-Mario Kart 7
    17-Kirby triple deluxe
    18-Fire Emblem Awakening
    19-Resident evil : revelations
    20-Bravely Default
    21-donkey kong country returns
    22-Pokemon Omega rubi
    23-Metal Gear solid 3d
    24-Star fox 64 3d
    25-Super Street fighter IV
    26-chibi-robo! zip lash
    27-Monster Hunter 3
    28-Animal crossing : Happy Home disigner
    29-YO-kai watch
    30-Hyrule warrios : legends (cooming soon)

  6. 10. New super mario bros 2
    9. Pilotwings resort
    8. Legend of Zelda Tri-force heroes
    7. Super mario 3d land
    6. Tomodachi Life
    5. Kid icarus uprising
    4. Mario and Luigi paper jam
    3. Mario kart 7
    2. Legend of zelda a link between world
    1. Animal crossing new leaf

  7. I finished Zelda within 6 hours…
    I think its the worst.
    At least there isn't much content.
    Still happy it isn't a remake though.

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