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Top 3 Benefits of Getting Your Website Reviewed


It can become quite tedious to scour the web in search of quality resources. There was a time when web directories were seen as a good place to start, granted they employed editorial discretion and were not simple paid link banks. But once search engines started taking over, you got exactly what you were looking for in terms of keywords. But nobody could actually guarantee a resource's quality – instead, you got relevancy.

Thing is – even that relevancy is sort of subjective; After all, most of the items featured on SERPs are there due to links. Website reviews, however, deal with more than directories or search engines. If they're valid services, they will have people looking through your website, determining its value and then write a comprehensive review about it. Stuff like content, design and usability are often used as focus points when a review is written.

1. Links

The first thing you get out of a review is a link. No valid website review out there can be done without having at least one link towards the original source. Whether the link has a no-follow or a do-follow attribute is all up to the webmaster and / or editor. But a link is valuable either way and tied with the second and third benefit of having your website reviewed.

If you're lucky enough to get a do-follow link, the search bots will crawl that link. If the source where your review is posted is already popular, has plenty of links itself and properly SEOed, then you can even expect a slight increase in Page Rank at the next update. Which, as we all know, still counts for much in the online world.

2. Exposure

The second thing you'll need to consider is the fact that search engines will crawl not only your website, but the resource that has posted the review. So now you'll get more chances of being discovered, as people reading the review will inevitably check your website as well.

Furthermore, given that your resource has been reviewed, its relevancy will increase in the eye of the person landing on the review page. Authority also increases, because people will almost always give more of their attention to what seems to already be popular on the web.

3. Traffic

Last, but not least, having your website reviewed will result in traffic. As mentioned above, people will inevitably check your website after having read the review. Give them something valuable to read or buy and they'll probably start coming back. Website reviews can and will lead to an increase of traffic – the exact figures are dependent of the review source's traffic and popularity. More traffic, as we all know, leads to more sales and more exposure. Chances of being linked to increase if you have lots of visitors – especially if you offer those visitors quality resources, content and services.

So, as you can see, getting a website review could really prove beneficial. To do so, you can check out resources like Fiverr where people offer these sorts of things at considerably low prices. Or you can simply get directly in contact with the owner of the site which offers reviews and they'll probably have an offer ready for you.

By Mihai Micsa

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