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Top 6 Classic Books Actually Worth Reading


My top 6 classic novels actually worth reading.

What makes classics so hard to read? Even though they are classics, why are they so hard to get into for most?

These are extremely applicable for students in school and adults trying to get into reading.

These are opinions only!! No need to leave drama in the comments please.

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  2. My God! Edith Hamilton! I bought that book 50 years ago! I didn't realise it was still available. Nice video.

  3. I like to create drama. yeah I read your despiction. and I thing to kill a mockingbird is the best.

  4. Lord of the files, Pride and Prejudice, Mythology, The catcher in the rye, to kill a mocking bird, Night

  5. I don't want to be the one to say it, not that I'm presuming that it hasn't been said or at least thought already, or the very reason why no one has said it is because it is obvious to those who want to say it that it would be unseemly to actually say. But because of these statements I feel more strongly that I actually DO want to be the one who says it in the same way a man hopelessly suppresses yet delights his wild glee at the pain of his enemies purely because it is uncouth and unseemly to feel that way. So I should be the one to say it!

    Your preface was much better than your actual list of books.

  6. Some good picks there. I'm way older than you and think about Lord of the Flies all the time. Such a simple book; but raises such profound questions. Never read the Elie Wiesel book, but can really recommend Diary of Anne Frank.

  7. Food for thought is like real food, it should not make you feel sick after consuming it. If it does, then it's bad, plain and simple. I can't believe anyone would recommend 'Lord of the Flies'. It's not a good book.

    Can anyone recommend something that ISN'T malware for the brain?

  8. Okay, so most of these classics are by white dudes. Like Im sure theyre still okay but like it would have been nice to see more than the stereotypical Jane Austen which I feel is kind of thrown off as a chick book. Good video concept tho


  10. Thanks for making this video. I have read over half of the ones you mentioned, but it's nice to hear some talk on YouTube about the classics.

  11. "across america" Hey, we're the rest of the world and interested in classic reading too

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