Home Hotel Review Toronto hotel described as “refugee hostel” in flood of bad reviews | Sheila Gunn Reid

Toronto hotel described as “refugee hostel” in flood of bad reviews | Sheila Gunn Reid


Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel.Media reports: Today, I’m bringing you 3 more hotels housing Syrian refugees. The government and hotels won’t tell you where they are, but at the Rebel, we’re committed to bringing the truth. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/toronto_hotel_described_as_refugee_hostel_slammed_with_bad_reviews
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  1. Imagine if we saved up lots of money and went on holiday to Canada – a trip of a lifetime – and were confronted by this. I would be so sad.

  2. So canadian citizen is now paying for refugees in hotel and for himself and he get no sleep and bad treatment cus he was generous to pay for refugees? I must be a natzi to think such a thing

  3. Hey TURD: wouldnt it be cheaper to pay for food, water, basic clothing and a few "luxuries" (like soap, towel, toothbrush, face powder) at their Turkey refugee camp from which they can return home after the fighting ends?
    And they cant spoil anything fancy, everything is basic in the camp.

  4. Hotels mentioned so far:

    Holiday Inn Express, London, Ontario
    Econo Lodge, London, Ontario
    London Executive Suites/ London Extended Stay, London, Ontario
    Howard Johnson by Wyndham Kitchener Conestoga, Kitchener, Ontario
    Travelodge by Wyndham Ottawa West, Ottawa, Ontario
    Windsor Travelodge/ Holiday Inn Express Windsor Waterfront, Windsor, Ontario
    Studio 6, Toronto, Ontario
    Toronto Plaza Hotel, North York, Ontario

  5. Lol I got caught with a loaded gun stored in my trunk fifteen years ago so Canada refused to let me enter their shithole country yet they flood the country with these things. That’s funny as hell. Looks like I’m going to get the last laugh as Canada is overthrown from welcomed invaders. But at least they were safe from the likes of me. LOL

  6. Send all those refugees to some farms in Northern Saskatchewan or Manitoba if they last three Winters they can stay

  7. Trudeau probably doesn't know it but Canada REALLY doesn't like him (understatement) but he doesnt know much…

  8. Last night at Richmond and Peter st, A young Man obviously down on his luck stopped me and asked me directions to a Men's shelter. The reason being is that the Men's shelter their was filled by mostly "illegal border" crosser s. Now a Canadian Citizen in need of help is on the street because the Liberals and leftist SJW's on Council only care about virtue signalling and not the Citizens they are elected to represent. Vote Faith for Mayor!

  9. It's a shitty hotel and it can only make money by housing refugees because non refugees won't stay there

  10. Thank you Sheila for those facts. I will never visit Tripadvisor site again and will talk to all my friends about their censorship and manipulation.

  11. real Canadian hotel guests of these hotels should sue for their money back…..get video evidence

  12. " Jihadi Justy is just A peacock preening his feathers in on coming traffic…Perfect..

  13. People are paying to stay in a hotel for a HOLIDAY..NOT a safari into a Third World Ghetto ..
    The hotels deliberately NOT informing PAYING guests are just greedy..
    Letters to the little PC Feminist peacock JihadiJusty ….COMPLAINING about the " refugees" are USELESS unless they're all prefaced with: PLEASE BE ADVISED ..THIS IS A REFUGEE EVICTION NOTICE. ..You have 48 hrs to come and collect them..before the RCMP arrive.

  14. NYC is doing the exact same thing with homeless people. Not just sleazy hooker hotels. Major corporate tourist chains. It's irresistible to the hotels. The DeBlazio Administration is paying almost double the going rate. So you go on an expensive vacation to NYC, stay in a reputable hotel. There are homeless, junkies, parolees, and the mentally ill, milling the halls and elevators with you. Nice. Welcome to New York. There are two corporate hotels in the solid middle class neighborhood of Howard Beach, Queens. They both have a dedicated floor for indigents. The homeless don't get the free continental breakfast, but that doesn't stop them from loitering in the lobby. Putting people in hotels is cheaper than building homeless shelters.

  15. Wow I don’t Crime-minister Justin Trudeau Take these illegal refugees and move them to is million dollar estate to leave on would that be nice

  16. Trudeau is like 5 years old child, that's forcing his ideology to Canadians. Why countries bordered with siria, didn't take any of them? Cause they are pain in the ass, as simply they sayed.

  17. EU took so many of them
    Thanks to Angela Merkel most of them are criminals. No passport needed, no background check. Now that shiet is coming to Canada. Look what they did in Europe, to Germany France, England. Do you want that to same shit to happen i Canada? As Canadian citizen, I don't. I want Canada to be free of multiculturalism, and safe of that political liberal desis.

  18. I'm sure my neighbours dislike me, and I've been here most of my life. We can't all live in our own homes on our own property far away from reality.

    ~ Not exactly rocket science folks.

  20. I feel sorry for the owner of hotel which full of refguee and damaged , Canadians homeless sorry for them they sleep in cold with tiny tents , no help from government, but Liberal Trudeau 's immigration refugee, Indian best friends ,

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