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Toyota Auris (Corolla) 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews


This is the Toyota Auris, the Japanese brand’s alternative to cars like the Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra. It’s up against stern competition, so how does it compare? Join me as I take a look around the interior, try out the back seats, asses the boot space and take it out for a drive to find out whether it’s got what it takes to fight for class honours.

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  1. The name auris comes from the Latin word aurum meaning gold according to Toyota. Fair enough, what's the problem ?

  2. do not follow the herd  – think for yourself – you are a human with the brain to match.. hopefully..This guy is talking bo**oks most of the time.. most of his reviews are rubbish and bias.. Note how he always very happy with Volkswagen cars.. any rubbish with cheap plastic is the best car you can get for your money, brilliant engines, designs, values for money etc. etc. more and more bo^^ocks.. Wonder why carwow so keen on almost any Volkswagen group cars?By the way all this so called ' brilliant savings' promised by carwow are mostly liars.. most quotes and discounts coming back are not for the brand new cars, or high specs but kower, and do not match what you put into carwow site..  Often the current manufactures discounts or special offers are presented on carwow as "saving made on their site' – complete lies.. Example current £1500 off the list prices on Suzuki Ignis presented as  'savings over 10% by carwow'..  straight forward misleading if not to say more.. I could go though some other misleading 'savings' I received on their site but would take sometime.. Conclusions: 1. do NOT trust to all these so called 'independent professional' reviews.. Do look other opinions especially ordinary people reviews who actually owns the cars..2. before accepting any 'brilliant saving' offer on the carwow make sure that this is exactly what you specifies in first place and talk DIRECTLY (better get in writing) the confirmation of the price for the exact car specs as you specifiedHope my review would not be removed as carwow has removed my review from TRUSTPILOTthanks

  3. Please Matt, stop banging and deliberately dropping electronic and other things…!!!!! So annoying

  4. Wife has had two Toyotas
    Yaris and Aygo
    Boring as hell to drive and feel cheap inside but damn reliable and economical

  5. Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world. Yet the cars they sell in Europe have a terrible interior and the most ancient infotainment system of them all. They have no business competing with VW in Europe. That's why you don't see them so much on the road.

  6. Is there any other car that is as reliable, same or better fuel consumption as Auris hybrid and is more fun/better hybrid car?

  7. Toyota's still seem to be reliable cars, but boy are the styling and the interiors ugly…. Just look at the interior of the new Yaris, horrible…

  8. The fuck y'all across the pond need heated seats for…. It barely hits the 40s in the winter in Britain from what I hear! Unfortunately in the US, we get soul sucking cold in the winter, and soul melting heat in the summer here in the heartland. From what I hear temps are far more consistent over by y'all.

  9. I don't get it, why do car manufacturers still use these slow car computers. my cell phone is faster than that.

  10. Except there aren't better cars that are better. My 20 year old Yaris has never had anything other than brakes, tyres, filters etc replaced. Even has the original clutch. No point saying "other cars are better" when they aren't built like Toyotas. You know what car is the best? The one that runs with a non general maintainance bill of zero.

  11. Tip from an Auris driver: never, ever use the horn. A mobility scooter horn is ten times louder. A clown's car horn gets more respect. In a really scary situation (involving, say, an 18 wheeler, like the one in the film Duel) it's probably safer to jump out of the car than try and get the other guy's attention by using the horn.
    Other than that, a fantastic little car!

  12. It is quite good fun to drive with the 1.6 naturally aspirated petrol. I dont think you guys have that engine in the UK though

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