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Toyota Prius C review | Consumer Reports


Toyota Prius fuel-economy for less money seems like a perfect idea, but Consumer Reports tests of the small Prius C hybrid reveal that the car’s execution falls short.

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  1. @napmaster383 people buy the Prius hatch because its bigger, and it has more luxury options. I don't think I'll fit I a Prius C with 2 more people.

  2. This review is so aweful ,the new prius c thats being sold in japan is really a luxury car,his judgement is ridiculous.This is the fastest selling car right now in japan that you have to wait 7-8 months upon order to be able to receive your ordered car.

  3. Consumer Report really messed up on this review. Cars.com called them out for the bunk review and Consumer replied stating other cars in the class such as the Hyundai Accent "drive like a Mercedes" compared to this car. The didn't touch on the MPG or the price as the most affordable full hybrid out. They are so deep in their review mistake that they respond the mass opinion with a childish rebuttal. So much for uniform unbiased opinion.

  4. For those of you trashing this review, I think Consumer Reports' point was, great fuel economy and a low price alone don't make a good car.

  5. Anyone thinking seriously of a Prius C should watch the video and then take a test drive and take this video with a grain of salt. I personally loved the C2 when I drove it and don't necessarily agree with many of the reviewers findings. Maybe after owners have had a chance to break in their new cars there will be problems that surface but as of right now I plan on getting a C4 for my next vehicle sometime next year.

  6. Haha! Consumer Reports bashing at it's finest. at least they finally bash something that deserves bashing!

  7. Prius C is a green economic car. why do you compare it with luxury features?
    With these kind of reviews, CR is not trusty source any more.

  8. it beats the purpose if a luxurious interior is installed. to keep costs down, materials had to be more affordable, but then again they did a good job putting them together. The design of the car is also much easier on the eyes and about the road noise, they cannot fit sound dampeners because of saving weight which in-turn improves fuel economy. This review seems quite bias. His points are valid but don't consider the main idea behind buying a car like this. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME SACRIFICES…..

  9. Oh think you for an honest review. I thought I was the only one thinking the car is cheaply built for it's price. Good MPG but you're sacrificing everywhere else. I need something mores stylist. Those diesel VW looking real good.

  10. I see more and more and more Prius and Prius c's in the streets, so who cares how many envious losers bash the brand or the car? Deep inside they know they would love to afford one!

  11. This car is gonig to keep more money in my pocket to go party….i think this car is amazing…and if u want more fun while u are driving ..get the kia rio ..still very economic and really fun to drive

  12. "Automatic climate control is unusual in this class"
    Unusual? Toyota offers an additional nicety and you call it unusual? Talk about bias.
    CR loses credibility with this report.

  13. CR come on seriously your complaining about how the car isn't sporty? IT'S A HYBRID!! If I want a sports car I wouldn't be looking at hybrid. 20K+ car and your crying about cheap it's 20k+ you get crazy MPG, bluetooth, climate control, it has steering wheel controls, power seats, power windows, heated mirrors and that's just standard if you ask me that's pretty good as it is. Go find me a car that gets about 4L/100km for this price.

  14. Fun to drive. The materials are cheap but looks very nice. This is a most have second car in your home if you commute. You will be saving at least $200 a month if you have a car that gives you 22 miles to the galon. It was confy and plenty of room. This is not your car to take it for a long trip it was design for commuting. Most people I read reviews on this car are happy. This car is not for everyone and specially if you like cars with peppy engines.

  15. I bought a prius c (4) much nicer than the (1) & (2) does not look cheap. Also, I am averaging over 53mpg. If you commute you must have one as a second car. I am saving easy $200 a month on gas. My only complaint GPS could be better and they should have the rear camera available on this car. Don't expect power on this car, but if you drive it correctly you could go fast on it. Accelaration is gradual.

  16. This guy is completely ignoring the market that this car is made for. Those that want fuel economy this good, are not going to gripe about the interior the way this guy did. His complaints about the horsepower seem silly on a car that is built for fuel economy. His out of touch sensibilities make this review a waste of time to watch.

  17. I'm a die hard CR fan but I really think their review of the Prius C is a massive fail. Owners reviews of this model are glowing. I can't imagine how many people aren't even test driving it because of CR's print review without giving it a chance.

  18. More proof everyone can't trust consumer reports. I drove my 2007 Prius for 300,000 miles and my new 2012 Prius C is so much nicer and QUIET on the highway. The acceleration is just fine for real world driving and not good if you are looking to drag race at the traffic lights. The plastic will last longer, look better longer and clean up easier than the any fabric will. This is just another guy looking to justify his job by tearing something down. Drive one and decide for yourself. Awesome Car!

  19. WHat the heck is this guy expcting out of this car? Expecting ot ti be fun to drive? Its a PRIUS! Feels cheap on the inside? Its mostly a sub 20 grand hybrid! Not a mercedes! I own a Prius C and LOVE IT. He can complain all he wants, but I enjoy getting nearly 60MPG on the highway and almost 70 in the city…

  20. i test drove a 2012 prius c and it was pretty deafening at 60 mph. does anyone know if toyota made any changes to the 2013 model and if they addressed this issue?

  21. ill stick to my diesel FORD and you can buy your toyota car 6 times over before my trucks done. whats more affordable ?

  22. The commentator on this video has a real annoying, smug manner. Comes up with some good points but seems unbalanced and he's pretty hard on this car. I'd look elsewhere for better owners reviews.

  23. Awful review of this car… it is right on par with other competitors in the segment.  It isn't meant to be a quiet, fun to drive, luxurious car.  It's an economy car, and I'd say it even surpasses that infamous label very well if you ask me.  This smug moron of a car reviewer makes me cringe.

  24. Car Problems:

    1.  Do you think a car rolling on gravel can be improved?
    2.  Do you think price and monthly payments is a barrier to buying a car?
    3.  Do you think loading more than 2 passengers have something to do with destroying your car?

  25. CR said a Prius C gets one less MPG then a Prius?  Everything I checked has their
    overall MPG the same. 

  26. This car is awful! The ride is harsh & stressful. The road & wind noise are intolerable. Consumer Reports is dead on with their assessment.

  27. Many car reviewers project their interests in their reviews, expecting everyone wants a "fun" performant car. People buying a Prius C want a car with great fuel economy, probably mostly for city driving yet capable of extended highway trips. Maybe they also want to try something new, which supports their interest with feedback. This review ignores that it is very well suited for that purpose, which results in less time and money spent at the gas station. All things are not equal, and this is not a professional review.

  28. my 2012 Prius C is 50000 miles now(53MPG). I saved about $3000 gas already compare to my 2010 Civic 30 combine MPG.  live in CA. my A/C is turned ON all the time.  the only maintenance I've done is oil change every 10000 miles. and one air filter. that is all. 

    I don't care other stuff. I will save $6000 on gas when my Prius C is 100000 mile. will buy a plug-in for my next car. will get more than 90 MPG for the same commuting. 

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