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Toyota Prius V review | Consumer Reports


Toyota expands the Prius brand with the Prius V. Think of it as a Prius station wagon. Fuel economy remains impressive given the increased room and versatility. Find more free information on the Toyota Prius V on our website: http://bit.ly/oaTyWy

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  1. I like the small consumtion, but its too damn ugly to be driven on the streets. I would be so ashamed rolling in a prius.

  2. Most of the ppl making nasty comments have been trained since birth that their level of masculinity in social circles is related to the size and power of their vehicle. Sad you would want to save face so-to-speak over saving money on fuel…all these 'manly men' could put the extra money saved aside. Brains is usually sexier than brawns guys.

  3. Actually, I have had mine for about 6 weeks – and I love it!!!! I am also getting between 45 and 52 mpg in it.

    For those who wouldn't drive it because it's ugly – you don't have too – go find yourself a nice Aztec on the used market instead…….

  4. Ugly I'll give you but having just test driven it and competition it's pretty cheap for getting something like a hybrid considering other vehicles around there charge a LOT more for a lot of the features it has. If you're looking barebones base models then yeah it's more expensive because it's base has those options already.

  5. I don't see how. The top trim Golf TDI wagon is same price as mid trim level Prius V. At that comparison is has less room, not as good mileage and less features. VW also has worse build quality and lower resale value.

  6. I'm kinda nuts about this car. I've had several Toyotas and it's really a bargain when I know that it'll still be with us 15 years from now.

  7. This guy's voice and tone is drier than the Sahara Dessert! I'm sleeping already. Consumer reports, please find a new person to do the videos!

  8. i get 48 mpg with mine and im never in the rear of the pack.Its knowing how to drive a hybrid to make it effecient. I have plans to lower it an inch and a nice rim schematic. this car will look cool with the right combo.

  9. Well, it's hard to complain about 41 mpg.

    For what the car is, it's rather impressive.  

  10. I tried it and it might not be the great car but a good one to have leaving here in NM near durango with lots of uphill and mountains it gave me 45mpg avg. lesssssss trip on the gas station, goes far

  11. Sooo many other YouTubers claimed they've achieved 40ish mpg. Well, after 14 months owned this car; my mean averag was consistently 35 mpg. This is my commuter car, 100% of the time packed in the car was me, alone with my laptop, ipad and iphone chargers. No other extra weight. I guess I gotta lemon. Looking into trade in soon for higher mpg options out there.

  12. I am in the market for one. Thinking of getting a crashed one and turning it into a Prius camper.

  13. My last two cars were a Cadillac DTS and a Volvo XC90 – comfortable, quiet, gas guzzling and totally unrelated to my actual driving: daily commuting in a small city. I have had my Prius V for 4 years and it is by far my favourite vehicle of all time – 65 MPG (Imperial gallon, not US) in the summer and almost 40 MPG in the winter (i.e. at 35 below zero). Never been back to the dealer in 90,000 km for anything other than maintenance. Quiet, smooth acceleration, huge amount of storage and reliable. My only fear is that they will discontinue it before my 2012 wears out in about ten years.

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