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Toyota Yaris review | Consumer Reports


The Toyota Yaris is good on gas, but it looks cheap inside, noise levels are high, and handling is clumsy. Plenty of other subcompacts do better. Learn more about the Toyota Yaris and other subcompacts on our website: http://bit.ly/kSwuc8

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  1. I disagree with cr. Its a great car.The guy just doesn't like it period.The car is roomy and very good on gas.

  2. CR hates the yaris from the first generation of which I own. Lies, this is a great car and rock solid reliability. This car is actually made in Japan unlike many Toyotas that come from the USA or Canada.
    I remember they also hated any and all Saturns in the 1990s. I owned two and they were fun quick and well made.

  3. Yea, the Fit and Fiesta are miles ahead of this thing. The only car worse is the Mirage.

  4. I drive a 2008 Toyota Yaris 4 door and I hate the car, the interior is cheap toy like plastic, the safety is the lowest in class one and a half star rating. I am never by another Toyota my car is full of recalls that the dealerships will lie to charge for more parts I do not need. My next car will be Accent or Fit.

  5. It does have something more than a 4 speed automatic you tool. It has a 5 speed manual, but of course u Americans can't drive standard for shiznet

  6. How are the buttons hard to read? You already have freaking glasses,seems like you need a telescope bud.

  7. I own this car. My only complain is an unconfortable soft gas pedal. Everything else in this CR review is BS. The engine is not loud. It makes some noise because it has a timing chain (not belt), which is better for me, since there is no need to change it. Handling and speed is great. Parking is great. It is difficult to change the cabin air filter, though. You need to remove the glove compartment to do it, which requires force. Overal, it is a great car.

  8. I just got a 2009 yaris today, I would say that its more like the Toyota echo, but larger and have a better interior design
    But seems to me that a lot of people are having trouble about the noisy engine and stiff steering wheel. The size doesn't matter especially for small people like me 😉

    My only concern is the noise of engine, is it bcoz of water pump or anything else? can anyone help me thanks

  9. How the fuck do i reset the fm radio stations? I just got this car and the stations wont go past like 90.1 or something. How do i get the rest of them?

  10. What is CR's beef with this car, there is another review of the 2007-2011 model and they rip it anew one as well. I own a 2010 2 door and I find it to be a great, reliable, cheap to run car. It does what it was designed to do.

  11. Laughable review. I get 38 MPG highway commute, consistently – because I've mastered how to drive it (and no…not like an old man). Sure road noise is above normal, but you just turn up the radio. I had a mini cooper and in comparison, it's not a cooper, but it's still a sure handling, tight little car with no squeaks or rattles. Reliability is off the charts. just touch the key and it starts right up. My son is a Toyota mechanic at our local dealership, and let me know I scored a very solid car…they dont see many come in for repairs. BTW, I picked my up used, 12,000 miles out the door – $7200. Power windows, AC, AT PS PB. Happy as hell.

  12. This review is very negative. I own this car (the L version) and have over 103,000 miles on it. I do take it to the dealership to service it every 5000 miles. The only thing I have had to to replace on the car was new tires and front headlamps! I still get 36mpg combined with this car. The one thing the reviewer is right about is the noise from the engine. But I always have my radio on so don't hear it! Other than that its a great little car! Hope to have it for another 100,000 miles. Will be sad to part with it!

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