Home Movie Review Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD

Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD


Train to Busan Trailer 1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. today i seen this movie in tv it isThe best Zombie movie in all movie
    every minute every second is suspense and also emotional

  2. This movie was absolutely incredible. I even cried at the end and I never cry watching movies. If you haven't seen it then idk what you're doing with your life.

  3. I watched it at the cinema, many people got emotional towards the end and you could see their tears when they turned on the lights after the movie finished??????

  4. Love it when all the comment section is pretty much in unison lol, film was amazing, and best part I knew nothing about it and had my bro recommend it. These Korean films just keep blowing my mind away. Best zombie film I've ever seen

  5. Sometimes I feel like South Korea is a little bit TOO good at turning a scary movie into the saddest damn thing on the planet.

  6. I kinda realise train to busan's like kabaneri of the iron fortress with the zombies and all chasing the train, no life outside thing

  7. I didn't give this movie too much thought cause its a Korean Zombie movie and i thought it was gonna be cheesy as hell but i was wrong. This movie is bad ass. Nonstop action all the way through.. A must see zombie movie especially if you are a fan of zombie flicks

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