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Travelocity mistake leads to hotel’s bad review


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A listing on Travelocity linked guest reviews for a dodgy motel in Texas with the Rees Hotel in Queenstown.

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  1. Travolocity,is not good.Here is my experience with the company.9-12-2016 I called Travolocity because,their H.R.Sent my job a special deal. It is stated that,we get to pick from,Hawaii,Pueto Ric,other places.Plus here is the price $149,plus meal and activities included. I called the H.R.Department and was disrespected on,the phone and,i called back many numerous times,to speak with,their Supervisor? Here is what,the Supervisor said his name was? Dick! Yes he said it?.I was upset because,i have never heard of such nonsense. I called back,to file a complaint and so? Let's see,how this will be handled? Travolocity will NOT BE RECOMMENDED.

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