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Treasure Hunter Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at this card drafting game from Queen Games and designer Richard Garfield.

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  1. You don't count up the strengt of the goblins toghter, you have to just defeat them one at a time B: keep goblinS at bay To begin with, each player may play the action cards “Scaregoblin” or “Mystery Mule” (see extra sheet).
    Then, all players place all of their watchdogs in front of them, face up, and sum their paw qualities.
    Next, each player compares their paw quality with each goblin’s paw quality, one after the other:
    If the player’s paw quality is at least as large as that of the goblin, they have kept the creature at bay and do not lose any coins.
    If player’s paw quality is less than that of the goblin, the goblin steals coins from the player equal to the value indicated on the tile; the player must place these coins on that tile.

  2. Yeah, just say this one at the local store and I was wondering about it. Thanks for reviewing this one Tom. Nice job 😀

  3. The video is great as always. Just one question I've been wondering about. The board game media seems to talk about drafting as solely the hand passing form. I'm not sure if I'm missing something in my vocabulary, but there are other forms of drafting that Tom also enjoys, right? Mostly those would be variations of the shared pool on the table you can draw from, as in 7 Wonders Duel, or Ticket to Ride. I think it's often overlooked in discussing the strengths of Ticket to Ride how much it's improved by the simple drafting mechanic rather than relying solely on blind draws. Oops… rambling…

  4. Spiel des Jahres for a revamp of Tschak!? How did you not even mention the similarities between this and Dominique Ehrhard's wonderful game?

  5. Nice artwork, drafting, fun theme, treasure, great with three, and hey, it's got DOGS. My smaller game crew is three of us and the other two are dog lovers, so they'll no doubt like this. On my wish list…

  6. Tom, would you have rather had this or Medieval Academy in the Dice Tower Essentials line?

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