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TripAdvisor’s fake hotel reviews – Which?


Which? first exposed flaws in TripAdvisor’s detection of fake reviews four years ago. But our latest investigation has uncovered the problem with fakes is even more serious than we thought.

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  1. Some people put bad reviews on in attempt to get a response like looking for a freebie or money off there next visit, 1 star reviews can all so be fake in attempt to discredit the hotel for no reason like an employee that’s had a bad experience, I work in hotels & we have guests that put bad reviews on but the same guests keep coming back week after week if there experience is so bad why do they come back time after time

  2. TripAdvisor is a joke. They do not and will not police reviews for legitimacy, if they did they would be out of business, the cost is too high and in direct conflict with their need to manipulate search results to get gullible people clicking TripAdvisor first before looking at other websites. TripAdvisor prioritizes high volume of reviews over legitimacy and TripAdvisor has all the legal disclosures they need to protect themselves from accountability for the content posted on their site. If TripAdvisor was legit websites like Fakespot.com would not exist.

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